Trashy Tuesday, Free Dresser Makeover

Furniture and Cabinetry Redouxs, Le Junque

  1. Suzan says:

    absolutely beautiful!!! both pieces!
    btw – I have been hearing a lot about children going back to school?
    Am I out of the loop here? This seems far too early?

    P.S. my twin girls are 29 years old 🙂

  2. These are both really beautiful!! You’re so talented!!! ~L

  3. cassie says:

    oh that bed is amazing!!!!! so is the dresser, but the bed is calling to me!

  4. Suffering Husband says:

    Phew, for a second I thought that was our yard. Carry on.

  5. Maridith says:

    Yes your junk is better then my junk. Wow the bed is just beautiful. It has been a while since I have been here. Looks like you are doing well and just as creative as ever!!!

  6. Bliss says:

    I so pictured that speed walk. And I giggled.
    Good luck with the show.


  7. I would’ve had to jog to get my car — and then paid the price later, I’m sure! Great finds!! The detail on the dresser is amazing!
    xo Heidi

  8. Sandra says:

    Beautiful job. You have fantastic junk—I never find great pieces like that, let alone for free. And if I did, they would not turn out like yours…..sigh….. I would love to shop that yard, lol. I wonder if any of that ever makes it to a finished project, of if the fun for the teacher is simply in collecting, and the thought of what could be?

  9. Beautiful, beautiful junk! Just beautiful! Now that my home is wrapped up and on the market, I’m letting myself think about some fun projects. I saw some chairs and old doors at the thrift store the other day for like 2 dollars! What?! I keep thinking about them……..I love good junk 🙂

  10. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    I love that soft pretty yellow and the sweet details! … And yup, I think you have been one upped my friend!

  11. Shannon Fox says:

    I remember that dresser! The people were meanies… and you ended up getting it for FREE 🙂 Classic! It sure is a beauty now. I always wonder what people would think if they could see the pieces after you get your hands on them???

    Happy BTS 🙂 Middle School is a big one, stay strong my friend 🙂

  12. Karen ~ Love your bed and dresser. They turned out AWESOME! My sister just finished a bed in Georgia Clay which we attempted to get into the bank today. I was drooling as I shot the photos of her bed under a large shade tree and I am drooling again as I admire your two pieces. beaUtiful!!!

  13. Jill Flory says:

    That is a totally amazing makeover! Of course all of yours are 🙂 And I am gonna have to try some CeCe’s paint. Do I have to order it online??

  14. Lori says:

    I’m visiting from Treasure Hunt Thursdays. Love to see furniture make overs, thanks for sharing your stuff!

  15. marilyn says:

    Love both, great color, the bed is devine!

  16. andrea says:

    I love trash rescues. You really turned these beauties around and gave them a new life. What a find with the dresser! I’m always amazed at what people throw away.

  17. You sure do know how to refinish furniture like a pro!

  18. Stacey says:

    Oh my goodness! These makeovers are stunning! The curves & details are so precious & make these pieces seem like they were made for each other. Oh how I wish I could find junk like this. Beautiful, beautiful work Karen.

  19. Peggy says:

    I LOVE free things!! The bed and dresser are awesome and go so well together! I love the color you chose.. very inspiring! I would love to follow your blog.. but can’t figure out how to through google.. (sorry I am a little new here.. do I have to follow through linky?) Thanks!


  20. Yay for trash!!! You always have the best transformations…that yellow is so pretty!! So glad you got to party!!

  21. Beautiful redoux! I can’t beleive that people throw away such nice pieces, but I’m glad that they do when I find them! I love to give them new life and new purpose! Just found your blog through At The Picket Fence and am now a follower! Looking forward to reading more inspiring posts and admiring more fabulous photos! Hugs, Leena

  22. nancy says:

    LOL! I love your yard! I was thinking I was the only one that had a junky yard. I am a free junk picker upper and also buy wayyyy too much old stuff! I don’t think the neighbors are happy with it though, we were told we need to “clean it up” in 30 days……UGGGGHHHH!

  23. Vickie says:

    Visiting from FFF and I just had to leave you a comment. I have a little dresser I’m going to paint and didn’t want the ASCP white painted look. Your dresser has just the”vintage” look I’m going for. I love it!!! Thanks for sharing the paint brand and color, too!!!

  24. Karen – as usual – your redo is fabulous!! And I’d kill to be at that parking lot sale (is it worth the 3,000 mile flight for me to plan to come to the next one)?!

    Glad to see you at our Color party!

  25. Denise says:

    Awesome job! I loved the dresser in it’s middle stage, too! Love the sanded look with all the different paint colors showing through…a glimpse of it’s past life! Thanks for the idea of layering the brown then yellow so there is some darker color to distress to. I am looking the yellow for a change, too.

  26. wow! both pieces turned out beautiful and i love the color! Its the perfect yellow.

  27. I’ve been gone these last few weeks, but I just stopped over and saw that junk pile and couldn’t help but stop to stare. I’m mesmerized. You have it going on! I wish I could sprawl out like that. I keep piling my stuff up, up, up! Soon it will topple…and it’s a pain when you need what’s underneath. Love all your recent redouxs! don’t you love dragging home tons of free stuff while others are paying. So fun!

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