Trashy Tuesday, That old Metal Trunk, plus my junque

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Welcome to Trashy Tuesday, where we talk trash, literally.  Especially my trash, the kind that I don’t necessarily want other people to know about.   I don’t necessarily want other people to know because I don’t want them to get the good trash before I do.

I wouldn’t mind if the garbage man knew about this trash!  I waited 10 minutes to do my “sneak into the gated apartment complex” trick, only to find one of my favorite spots for junque filled with this!

Read more about “Le Comprehensive Guide to Dumspter Diving Part Deux” HERE

For starters.  FREE is my most favorite word in any language.  “LIBERER”!!!!  Doesn’t that word get you all riled up?I saw this sign recently, and this is what I picked up.

They are being made into signs, and two chalkboards.  All will be for sale this weekend at Paris Flea Market!


Do you remember this metal trunk I found in a dumpster cage in an industrial area of town (that I just happened to be driving through…..)

It really was fantabulous and fantastique on it’s own, but I just can’t leave well enough alone.

I certainly wasn’t going to paint it, but it needed a little “aging”.  I used a product called JAX metal aging solution.  You can order this in black or brown.  It has no harsh chemicals, and is really easy to use.  I apply mine with a piece of steel wool and work it in until I have achieved “the look”.  Tutorial coming soon!

After I aged it, I decided to further it’s aged look with a nice coat and buffing of Dark Wax.  I love the end result.  This is going up for sale at Paris Flea Market this weekend too……

Don’t you love those locks?  They turn and clamp it shut.  I am still pinching myself from this one.

The aging process is really neat, it kind of takes on a life of its own and affects different areas in different shades.

I took it outside for a little fresh air.

It was very happy soaking up the sunshine…..

The kids love drawing all over my Window Pane turned Chalkboard, I love that this pictures captures HERE.  As in HERE is the whole thing!

Oh yes, and Lily was here too.


  1. cassie

    love it! it looks galvanized- too cool!

  2. Heidi @ Decor & More

    That trunk is to die for, Karen! Wonder why I don’t ever come across anything “free??” Maybe I need to change my route. 🙂

  3. Lori

    Oh my gosh that is soooo cool!!! I love how it came out and I love that it was free!!

  4. Jill Flory

    That is a truly awesome piece! I would be excited to find something like that! And I was just asking a friend recently if there was a way to age metal – now I know what to use!

  5. Bliss

    Can’t believe you didn’t take that old icky mattress from the dump site. Oh wait….. What if it had those cool bed springs inside it? Go back!


  6. Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

    Who says young is in – obviously this aged beauty gets all the hoots and hollers! Even Lily agrees!

  7. Shelly Andrade

    Jax… how do you find out about all these cool finishes? I can’t believe you found that in a dumpster!!! You must have a lot of wealthy people around you to throw out some of the things you’ve found. AHmazing!!!

  8. Deborah

    Awesome find! the finish turned out perfect. I can’t believe you can actually let it go!

  9. Pamela

    Your talent amazes me lady!

  10. Liz

    How dare they defile your sacred spot! Looks like you made up for it finding that trunk. Seriously, I’m going out to drive through our industrial area asap. You never do know what those people will be trashing next.


  11. Marilyn

    OMG this is GORGEOUS! I LOVE the dark wax!

  12. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.

    You achieved a wonderful finish Karen!

  13. Gigi Harlan

    I love the patina you created! Absolutely gorgeous! You find the most amazing things!

    • GTC

      Thank you so much Gigi! I love coming up with new Patinas, apparently you do too!! Love the blog name, coming over to check that out!

  14. Evelyn

    Is the Jax instant aging solution the same as what their website calls
    their darkeners? Also can it be used on any metal or just the copper,
    brass and bronze that the website refers to?
    Love the trunk.

    • GTC

      Hi Eveln, yes the Jax and darkener are the same thing. I have used it on Galvanized Steel a couple of times, with great results. Thanks for your comment 🙂


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