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Happy Wednesday everyone.  If you are reading this, it means you are almost halfway through your week.  If you are like me, this means you are one day closer to your sale at Paris Flea Market and this weekend, at least Saturday, will be a working day.  C’est La Vie!

A few weeks ago, I was shopping at my favorite Goodwill.  Did you know I have a favorite?  After I go to Costco, (an errand I don’t love), I reward myself with a trip to the nearby Goodwill.  I spied this China Hutch in the furniture section.  The price was quite low on it already, but since I had a pocket full of cash, and was willing and able to take it home that day, they knocked off another $20.  Good tip to remember!  Cash, carry?  Ask for a better deal, often they will mark down large items!

It took myself and three other kind hearted women to put this in my van, verrryyyyyyy carefully.  I was hoping a friendly neighbor would be around when I got to my house.  This is what my neighborhood looked like when I arrived home.

You could hear the crickets.  Being the bold soul that I am, and having quite a bit of furniture moving experience, o solo mio….I knew I could leverage it out of my car with the greatest of care.  Who cares that I held my breath for a full two minutes, and maybe my anxiety was a tidge high for the rest of the day.  I didn’t have to drive around with this in my car for the afternoon, and I could get started on it right away!

I don’t know why I can’t take before, before pics, but this is as before as it is going to get….

My first thought was to paint the inside Antique White and the outside a soft grey.  I even went so far as to paint the entire outside Seattle Mist.  It looked gorgeous, but I wasn’t feeling it.  I went over it again with a mixture of Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black and CeCe Caldwell’s Vermont Slate.  I did about half and half.  I wanted a darker black, but I also wanted to be able to sand it smooth, the way you can with CeCe Caldwell’s paints.  I was able to get exactly what I wanted!  I actually sprayed this on with my HVLP sprayer.  The inside I painted with Modern Masters Basic White.

Here is le top:

TIP:  I had some overspray on the glass on the inside.  The glass panes DID NOT come out.  It was rather a large pane (get it????).  Instead of laboring away with paint thinner, I used the edge of a razor blade to scrape the paint away.  Worked perfect for every last drop.

Here is le bottom:

Here is le whole thing! I finished the entire piece off with a good coat of CeCe Caldwell’s all natural wax, and a little dark wax for character.  My driveway is not the loveliest of staging areas, but this piece is so big, there is no way I could move it too far to take “beauty pics”.

How you like my noir et le blanc?


Sharing my tale of Black and White with these lovely parties:

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  1. Bliss

    OK, how the helll big is your van??? After I go to Costco, (today as a matter of fact) there is no room left for anything let alone the Empire State Building!


  2. Jayne

    Oh My, I really LOVE the colors you chose for this piece, it just look stunning, I can imagine some black Wedgwood displayed on those white shelves, really beautiful job. And I really admire how fearless you are to take on and move a piece that large on your own!

  3. cassie

    that is stunning! love the classic color combo!

  4. Venus Cruz

    I love to pick up junk and fix it up, but I have no garage…… shed………no place……..
    It amazes me what people throw away. My kids used to be so unhappy with me when I would pick up junk off the side of the road, now my daughter is 28 and picking up junk on the side of the road…..LOL
    Keep having fun with your projects, so glad I recently found your site. I look forward to each of your postings.


  5. Virginia

    Gorgeous! Beautiful piece. Our Goodwill’s suck here! I’m very impressed you got that out all by yourself. Love it! Great always!

  6. Pam

    Great find! Love what you did, not familiar with Modern Masters paint, is that simply a latex? I would love to find something more black as well, use ASCP graphite, but still not a black look!

  7. Shannon Fox

    I won’t even ask HOW you got that out by yourself? Be careful crazy lady!

    I see you worked your magic again though 😉
    and I love me some AC/DC!!

  8. christina


  9. Deb Siemens

    You rock, Karen! This is absolutely gorgeous! Inspiring, too!

  10. Catherine

    What a gREat piece! What a gREat job!
    Can I have it–?!? You ship–right? ; D

  11. Catherine

    Btw Karen,
    I seem to be really good at keeping a camera on me at all times–you never know what you might suddenly see–any way, sometimes I take the “before” picture of it right where I found it! It can be be profound to see some of those “garbage picking before’s” and then the after!
    Think of it as a DUMPSTER-DOCUMENTARY!

  12. Jill Flory

    I love it! Very good job! I’m patting you on the back – can you feel it?!!

  13. Heidi @ Decor & More

    Love, love, love! Incredibly rich looking… bet she sells right away!
    xo Heidi

  14. DeeAnna

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I need to shop at your Goodwill!!

  15. Deidre

    Hi Karen,wonderfully done! Wow this is certainly a treasure!!

  16. Suzan

    UNBELIEVABLE Karen – absolutely unbelievable – what a gorgeous piece!

  17. Pamela

    Somebody will certainly love this piece!

  18. nina

    I love the white contrast. I have a secretary I want to paint very similar. I wish CeCe Caldwell made a black.


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