John Donne said “No Man is an Island”.  Does this mean no table is an island?  Karen says a table can be an island.  It  has to be the right one, or it might end up looking a table floating on a raft.

Lucky me, I had just the perfect table.  I have had it for eons, one of my first Craig’s list purchases when I first started at Paris Flea Market, almost two years ago.  This poor table has been shipwrecked on the side of my yard in my “to do” junk pile.  Sometimes furniture neglect is a good thing.  It got just the right amount of weathering, but the construction is still solid.

Look at how cute those scalloped edges are!

It did require some minor repairs and a thorough cleaning and sanding, then it was ready to be transformed.

I cut a piece of MDF to fit the outside lines of the legs.  Then I attached 4 casters. Not too big, I didn’t want the island to be too tall.  I learned it is far easier to sand the piece of MDF before you go installing it into your project.  It has taken me dozens of frankenfurniture creations to figure this one out.

I base coated the entire piece in CeCe Caldwell’s Virginia Chestnut.  Actually, I had Mr. Red do this.  He is  11, but quite capable of painting.  This paint is so easy to use, get your kids involved, it is so forgiving if they mess up!

When the first coat dried, I went over the entire piece with a watered down coat of CeCe Caldwell’s Texas Prairie.  After this dried, I sanded the entire piece thoroughly with 320 grit sandpaper.  This produces the smoothest finish. Press firmer for some light distressing, then lighter and lighter for the softest, most glass like surface.  This paint is incredibly soft to the touch when smoothed out.  This island can go inside….

Or outside!  I sealed the entire piece with CeCe Caldwell’s new sealer.  Endurance Finish. It is a non-yellowing Polyurethane, with a very low VOC.  I couldn’t detect any odor.  It is hard wearing and perfect for many wipe downs, outdoor furniture, etc.

Thought you might enjoy a view from the side too.  It rolls so easily!

One of the things I love most about CeCe Caldwell paints is how easy it is to layer them for a truly authentic vintage look:

My table turned island floated down to Paris Flea Market where it is available for sale starting this Thursday at 5:00.  Get it fast for your next outdoor shindig, or island themed party (yukyuk).

One more word on Endurance Finish, I recently used it on my stairs project, which are not quite done…..but getting there, here is an update:

Where I last left off…

  Where I am today…..

Stairs in progress near end


My table turned island will be floating around at these lovely parties:

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  1. denise... on a whim

    I let my kids paint sometimes too with chalk paint because they love to help out and they can’t really mess it up. They’re a little younger so i only let them do it on smaller projects. But it makes their day! Love the island and I’m curious about the new sealer. I’ll have to learn more. 🙂

  2. cassie

    love that scalloped top! it’s so pretty!

  3. andrea

    You’ve got the magic touch with those discarded pieces and those stairs look AWESOME!

  4. Jayne

    That piece is super cute the scalloped edge makes it! I feel for you with those stair! But they are coming along nicely 🙂

  5. Inspire Me Heather

    What a beautiful table and I’ve Pinned it to my furniture board for keepers too!

  6. Scottiev

    The stairs are looking good! I’m sorry it’s such a project for you. Are you near me? I’ll come help you! 🙂 It’d be fun!

    That table is adorable- I bet it goes in a heartbeat.

  7. Jan

    Goooorgeous! Never thought to put a shelf at the bottom of the legs, and then add the casters.
    It would be the perfect island/utility cart for a small kitchen. For that purpose I’d add a towel rack on one side, and then some hooks for utensils.

    Since you made it so durable (thanks for the tip on the on the new sealer!) it would be perfect to load up in the kitchen, and then wheel outside next to the grill. Cut 37 trips in and out down to a handful, allowing more time for hanging out with friends. And clean-up outside would be a snap. When the mosquitoes start biting, pile it all on your handy dandy island cart, roll it inside and shut the bugs out.

    As usual you’ve “redoux-ed” it perfectly!

  8. Desiree @ ShoppeDeziLu

    Love it! Only you would be creative enough to look at an old table and think – island! I WISH my brain worked like yours!!! It’s not only beautiful, but so practical. I’ll have to check out the CeCe Caldwell sealer. An antique mall near me – Lone Elm Antique Mall in Olathe, KS – now sells CeCe’s paints. So cool, I don’t have to drive clear across town to find it! 🙂

  9. Cynthia

    The table turned island is quite cute. Hang in there with those steps!!


  10. Blondie

    love the table turned island.

  11. Fran

    Great table/island I love the finish. I can’t wait to see the rest of the stairs, you’ve done a great job with them so far.

  12. Pam

    Hi Karen! Very cute table!! Is ut for sale? If so, Imay be interested in it – can you let me know the dimensions? And how much you are asking?

    Thanks so much!!


  13. Pam

    Sorry for the spelling errors! : l

  14. Hetty

    love the island! thanks for letting us know about the non-yellowing sealant – will try it out!

  15. breida @

    Hi there!
    This is such a fantastic idea – I’d like to try it at some point if we EVER redo our kitchen. We will. SOMEDAY.
    I hope you don’t mind me featuring your project on my FB page – credit – of course!


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