Trashy Tuesday, Is this your Garage?

Le Junque

  1. Carla Pennington says:

    I managed to move a great deal of my junk (doesn’t really qualify as junque), but alas, only to the patio and the driveway, where it awaits a trip to Goodwill, the real dump, or the recycling station. Frankly, mah deah, your garage looks rather organized compared to mine. I always wonder – and no offense to those with garages like this – what kind of people really have garages that are super clean and organized and have nothing, not a thing, sitting around waiting to be repaired, restored, reimagined, or gazed at until inspiration takes hold. I think us cluttered garage types are probably lots more fun!

    • GTC says:

      Carla! That is so funny about the people with the super clean garages. Especially if they are all white. I always wonder what kind of people live there. Like, don’t they ever fix anything, or want to get something dirty? I always imagine these types of people are not very fun to be around because they can’t enjoy the messes of life and laugh at them! I am a big mess, and I like to laugh!

  2. ScottieV says:

    Right?! What is the deal? They all want to see my garage too. It’s like a contest to see who I will let in and who I won’t. :o) It must be the season because I did that too recently. I pulled everything out and then only put back what I wanted and knew I could turn around quickly. I did both sides… I do have to get to the front soon- that workbench is a black hole for tools or anything else… maybe in two weeks…

    (and I agree with Carla, we ARE way, WAY more fun!)

  3. Paula says:

    For the record, I think your kitchen looks great. Good job! I would want to sit in the kitchen for a cup of coffee and some creative conversation before heading out to the garage. About the garage, I think you look pretty organized. You have TWO areas to walk through. I am impressed because I only have one tiny path in a 3 stall garage. Unlike you, I am not able to purge. I am the same way with my paintings. Other artists say if it’s not working that they discard and move on. It becomes my mission to “make it work” as Tim Gunn on Project Runway says. Although right now I am a painting machine because our northern weather will be changing soon and I will not be able to paint in the garage then. That being said I am heading out there now.

  4. Jan says:

    I regretfully have to admit I’ve had to stop opening your Trashy Tuesday Dumpster Diving emails because I can’t deal with the inspiration! My garage runneth over and into my house to the point I have no place to work unless the weather is good.
    I’ve been struggling with the idea that if I share some pix of my garage, and the pile under the tarp in the back yard, and the cute kitchen utility cart and piles of projects that line my hall—oh wait, there are two kitchen carts… you get the picture?—it could motivate me to part with some of it so I can work on what I really love. And then I see this post with your garage and again I’m inspired.
    Thanks again for your inspiration!

    PS – in the interest of full disclosure I have to admit to back tracking to your Trashy Tuesday posts when I admire your finished projects a few days later. C’ est la vie.

  5. Liisa says:

    Can’t wait to see what you will do with the chairs.

  6. Beth N says:

    I wish I had a garage, if I did it would look like that. As it is, my dining room is jammed and overflowing into the living room from all the inspiration I found this summer. Since I have a small home it is taking over the living space! Chairs and tables and dressers, oh my! Not to mention a couple things on my small front porch and by the driveway. I have forbidden myself from picking up anything else until I finish up some of these projects (all in various stages) and have some space. We will see how that works!

    Thanks for always providing entertaining inspiration!

  7. Baby steps … love the idea of tossing everything unused by Jan 1 – looks like you are going to have a busy ew months!

  8. Teri says:

    We’re moving. So went through something similar a few weeks back. My garage looks like it did the day we moved in. Clean as a whistle and it makes me sad. I’m itching to start collecting “stuff” and creating in our new space down south. Good luck with your purge.

  9. Jill Flory says:

    Good for you! I’m trying to get organized now that the flea is over – I can’t be creative in a mess either. I have a huge garage sale I help with this week and once all that stuff is out of here I hope to get my sewing space organized like it’s never been organized before. I already have a ton of stuff gone since the flea cause I sold a bunch!

  10. I have never seen your kitchen before, but I’ve seen your outside area where your to-do pile accumulates a couple of times lol! I LOVE your kitchen!! I love the black bottoms and white uppers!! I have yet to tackle painting my kitchen because I also want new counters and backsplash…so it may be a while yet. In the meantime, I’m going to pin yours 🙂

  11. Bliss says:

    I’m just nosy enough to want to see everything.

  12. Hetty says:

    Finally time to leave a comment, I have been going through my furniture stash like you. Some I sold on Craigslist, some on eBay and some are just free for anyone to pick up. It is so refreshing to do this, I know you love to collect but you can get overwhelmed with too much. Love what you’re doing! BTW I have purchased my simply white from cece…have the perfect project for it!

  13. Nina says:

    You don’t know my husband. We must park two cars in the garage. Which is why I love CeCe Caldwell paint. I can paint inside the house. I wish I had space to start a project and finish at will. Hey Karen I have another class idea why don’t you hold class in your garage, each student could choose a piece from your collection to paint.

  14. At least you have a garage! Our furniture pile takes up a good chunk of the basement. Though we’ve been paring down our pile I have given my husband strict orders that we are not replenishing said pile until what’s there is gone.

  15. PS MacMurray says:

    Can’t wait to see what those empty paint cans become!

  16. I don’t get it Karen…. everybody’s garage looks like this ~ doesn’t it???

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