Trashy Tuesday, Curbside Couches are Comfy! 

outdoor couches with chippy bench slipcovered in drop cloth redouxinteriors

The weather has warmed significantly here in Northern California, and it is the time of year when enjoying your backyard is one of the pleasures of warm weather.  In my dream decorating mode, I was going to purchase a large, comfy outdoor sectional. Something like this one.  

I had visions of lazing about, reading a good novel and relaxing in a warm summer evening.  Reality check, for the price of that sectional, my family could enjoy a pretty nice vacation.  I had to get creative with the outdoor seating arrangement and I had pretty much zero budget to work with.

Most mornings on my dumpster runs, I spot at least one or two couches.  Some of them in surprisingly good condition.  

Curvy Couch 2

I had a thought I would find a couch and love seat and convert this to our seasonal outdoor seating.  As luck would have it, I found these lovely beasts the very next day.

PS I am no stranger to Trashy Tuesday Curbside Couches.  I had this lovely one in my office for quite some time.  

The real problem came when I got tired of it and wanted it out.  It sort of got stuck in the door jamb and I had to spend the day climbing over it to get in and out of my office.

I knew had mad couch moving skills, and no door jams to go through. With the strength of one possessed of great determination, I got the 7 foot sofa and the loveseat into the back of my van.  I didn’t have any rope to tie down the hatch though.  Lo and behold, a stranger ran by, happened to have his car parked near and had rope!!! Yes, my Trashy Tuesday Curbside Couches were just meant to come home with me.

I somehow lugged them out of my van, through my house and into my side yard.  I did what every lazy decorator would do when wanting to change upholstery quickly.  I tucked drop cloths around them and wrapped the cushions in them.  I even used the Dumpster Found Chenille bedspread I found a while back and wrapped two body pillows for the back of the 7 foot piece.  

Instant outdoor seating, a place to finish the Goldfinch (have you read it???) and a comfy hang out for my family and friends.  We enjoyed our Father’s Day dessert out here too.


The side yard is one of my favorite areas of my home, it is mostly in shade after 1:00 pm, we have a fire pit, my favorite Hydrangeas, Miniature Roses that were given to me by sweet friends, and now an outdoor living room.

Curbside Couches are Comfy indeed!  Just be sure to thoroughly check for bugs, animals, things hiding in the frame, etc.  Curbside Couches are not for everyone, but if you are the adventurous sort, then save the $2,000 and go shop your dumpsters instead.

That’s it for Trashy Tuesday!  Hope you have a totally Trashy Week. 

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  1. Kathryn

    eek….you did have to mention bugs! That’s the whole scary problem for me….the roaches hiding in someone’s trashy furniture. Brought enough trashy sofas home WITH the bugs to want the $2000 sofa for a change. Good on you for your gumption!

  2. mj

    Good thing it doesn’t rain where you are ! LOL
    Where do you get those white drop cloths?
    Just after I decided to make a white DS cover for my little loveseat, i discovered, with one cushion left to go, that they are not white anymore. I could cry. Loveseat loads odd with all white cover except for that one last cushion. with the old flowered cover on it. Now I really do need to find a couple or three trashy white bedspreads. W/ my luck, they would have holes in them.

    • mj

      Its DC for drop cloth. I must have brain freeze today. Please, sweetheart, an edit button!

  3. faw

    I can’t figure out how to unsubscribe. Help!

  4. Suzan

    You moved that yourself Karen? OMG – you’re incredible !
    Looks fantastic in your back yard with the fabric loosely covering it – very chic!
    I read the Goldfinch 🙂
    Fabulous, isn’t it?

  5. Paige

    I love your seating arrangement. I’ve bought many used pieces of furniture and never thought about bugs. Gee…thanks. 🙂 Do you clean the sofas before using them? Or use a special spray? (I saw one for bed bugs at the store for the first time yesterday — is anyone else’s skin crawling, or is it just me?)

  6. Jutta

    So, what about the rain factor?


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