Trashy Tuesday Decorate a Bedroom from a Dumpster

Dumpster Diving Diaries, Le Junque

Trashy Tuesday Decorate a bedroom from a Dumpster.

Yep, for real.  I found an entire bedroom from a Dumpster and Curbside shopping.  All from different locations.

It all started with this drawer.  I just can’t help myself with solid wood drawers.  The rest of the piece of furniture was beyond saving.  Trust me, I thought about it and decided it was beyond life support.  

I was happy with my lone drawer, and was not planning to check any more dumpsters. There I was last Saturday, minding my own business, on my way to run an errand.  Can I help it if I drove past THIS DRESSER that was FREE? 

And if that wasn’t enough, I picked up this solid wood Sleigh Bed.  Now my bedroom is almost complete. 

Now for some accessories.  How about a blingy garbage can? 

The mirror was already broken out of this oval frame.  I can skip the 7 years of bad luck I guess.  How about a memo board or a cute chalkboard?  The Dumpsters had a theme going this week, and it was bedroom makeover! 

And, because one drawer was just not enough, I picked up another one.  One can’t have enough drawers right? 

You don’t have to spend a fortune to decorate a bedroom, you just need to wait.  A Dumpster will decorate it for you 😉

That’s it for this week’s Trashy Tuesday.  Hope you have a totally trashy week. 



  1. Fonda Rush

    You could make the mirror into a necklace/bracelet holder by filling the center hole with recycled wood and hammering in a few (decorative) nails, but I’m sure you already have an idea or two. Good grabs!

    • GTC

      Hey Fonda, that is not something I had thought of! I love that much more than just another chalkboard!

  2. Gigi Harlan

    Great finds! That dresser is wonderful and will look especially great when you put your special touch on it! The sleigh bed and frame…winners!!

  3. chris aka monkey

    wow i would love to have that dresser for my bedroom, can’t wait to see what you do with it xx

  4. susie

    Oh, good for you! I get so happy seeing your treasures!
    Several years ago we were dropping things off at the nearest Goodwill 50 miles away and out by their dumpster was a complete, antique sleigh bed. Gorgeous finish. But we had no way to get it home in our small, stuffed with people, car. I still think about that bed……
    And there must be a regular supply of furniture left at that dumpster, that Goodwill doesn’t take big items, so people just leave their big donations at the dumpster.
    Man, I wish I had a truck and a couple of guys to haul stuff……

    • GTC

      Susie you need to borrow someone’s truck and make another trip to your Goodwill! I definitely cannot find things like that at any Thrift Store here. They think they are Antique stores with prices to match!

  5. Catherine

    You kill me with the incredible-cOOl stuff you find in and about your dumpsters. . .
    -I want that dresser-

    • GTC

      Can you BELIEVE that dresser! I will never get over the perfectly good stuff that people throw out!


    you lucked out again! I had a furniture fairy drop off a twin bed and a huge piece of tempered glass the other day on my front porch. My suffering husband said, “Really?!?!?, now we have people delivering their junk to you???” I found out it was a woman I work with and it was a great bed!

    You CAN decorate with trash!

    • GTC

      Kim that is awesome!! Oh those Suffering husbands. They are so patient with all our “junk”! Lucky you!

  7. Tinkerbolt

    fill the open area of the frame with screen or chicken wire (I used screen) & hang your French hook earrings & made little hooks from wire to hang hoops & other jewelry from.


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