Trashy Tuesday The Best Junk Upcycle and Upcycle Artists

Dumpster Diving Diaries, Le Junque

  1. Fonda Rush says:

    Your link to shabby chic is broken. It goes to when it should be something like I think that’s the correct address.

    I was also wondering about Rachel Ashwell’s affiliation with the Shabby Chic brand. It seems to me it is a copyright term that belongs to Rachel Ashwell and no one else can use it. Any ideas on that? I just looked it up on Wikipedia, and there was no mention of Rachel Ashwell at all…very odd. But, when I entered Rachel Ashwell, she is linked to Shabby Chic Brands. Oh, well… I was just wondering if the term Shabby Chic was a trademark or a copyright, and there may not be a definitive answer. BTW, the word “redux” was mentioned, which reminds me of you!

    It looks like things are going wonderfully for you. Enjoy!

  2. That chandelier was not made by your friend Sam… It was made by Divine Discoveries lighting! Did she share that information with you? My name is Ashley, and I am the one who created the rustic rope light fixture.

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