All I want for Christmas is a new TV Cabinet

CeCe Caldwells Beckley Coal Cabinet redouxinteriors

Well, not ALL I want.  And really, I didn’t want a new TV Cabinet.  I wanted one I could makeover.  Preferably, FREE.

Cabinet before CeCe Caldwells Bonus Room Redouxinteriors

I got my wish!  A sweet friend cleaned out their garage a few weeks back and passed this perfectly lovely, but old cabinet on to me.  We are in the middle of making over our bonus room.  And I mean MAKING OVER.  The Carpet, the walls, the furniture.  It is all getting a reboot.

rug pulled out redouxinteriors

This was the last piece of junk that held up the TV for the last 10 plus years.

Broken Dresser parts redouxinteriors

Since this is the room where my kids hang out with friends and for better or worse, watch TV and play some video games, we needed a decent place to keep the TV.  This was not a great option:

play room makeover empty room redouxinteriors

We also repainted the Electric Lime Green walls.  The one who chose that Electric Lime Green color was the one to cover it up 8 years later…..teen boys painting walls redouxinteriors

Update!  I no longer use CeCe Caldwell’s paints. I have found the ultimate PERFECT paint with DIY Paints.  They are 100% Natural Clay Based Paints, (like a chalk paint, but the clay base makes the color so much richer and higher durability).  You can check out more about DIY Paints HERE.

DIY Poster

In keeping with my love all things upcycled and as chemical free as possible, I used CeCe Caldwell’s 100% Natural Chalk + Clay Based Paint and all natural Stain on this piece.  I chose Beckley Coal, it is a true black, and you get amazing coverage in just one to two coats.  Instead of a clear coat, I decided to use CeCe Caldwell’s all natural stain + finish in Walnut Grove.  The stain did the perfect job of darkening up the wood and with Endurance finish built right in, I didn’t have to add additional coats of a sealer.How to distress perfect every time redouxinteriors

And yes, I DID paint this TV Cabinet in my family room, with WHITE couches all around it.  I like to live on the edge, and with CeCe Caldwell’s paints, I can paint inside and not worry about breathing in any harmful chemicals.


I finished this TV Cabinet in the time it took me to watch exactly one half of an episode of 60 minutes.  Thats 30 minutes!  That was one coat of CeCe Caldwell’s Beckley Coal and 1 coat of CeCe Caldwell’s Stain + Finish in Walnut Grove.  (Drying time not included).  I used a 320 grit sandpaper to smooth the finish and distress it slightly, followed by a damp rag to pick up the paint dust and further distress.  I then used an old rag to apply the Stain + Finish.

With DIY Paints, you can accomplish this same look, but even better.  Paint your desired color, one to two coats will be plenty.  Let dry completely, use a damp rag to distress where you would like the paint to have “worn off”.  Wet distressing is a great way to get a controlled distressed look, without all the mess.  And, if you mess up with DIY Paints, you can easily go back and touch up, no one will ever know.


CeCe Caldwells beckley coat tv cabinet closeup redouxinteriors

Stay tuned for the next project, painting vinyl chairs for this room.  If you want to see more about how to use CeCe Caldwell’s on Vinyl, check out this post HERE.

Hope you get everything you want for Christmas.  signature


  1. Kirby Carespodi

    Beckley coal is a favorite of mine, too. Can’t wait to see the finished result!!

  2. Shelly

    Perfect color of black!! (Or dark grey, whatever it is!!) 🙂

    • GTC

      Thanks Shelly! The lighting is weird, it is CeCe Caldwell’s Beckley Coal which is a true black.


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