Trashy Tuesday Upscale Junking

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Trashy Tuesday Upscale Junking

What is Upscale Junking you might ask?  It is actually looking for junk in a “reputable” business establishment.  One where a form of currency changes hands between the junker and the junkee.

I just made that up, but it explains the difference perhaps between Dumpster Diving, which you can read all about in my 3 part series HERE.  And actually “going junking”, that is, frequenting junk stores.

I recently had the opportunity to do some upscale Junking with some fabulous DIY Paint retailers from Alaska!  Sue Mann of Artzy Junkin and Abbey Ulen.  Abbey works with Sue and has her own amazing artwork, check it out HERE.   Abbey and Sue came down to the San Francisco Bay Area and we met up for a day of Junking! 

We headed to where else?  My most favorite large Junking boutique around.  Urban Ore.

photo source: Google Images

Urban ore is a gigantic warehouse filled with every kind of conceivable piece of furniture in various states of junkiness down to the weirdest pieces of junk. 

photo courtesy of Google Images

Looking for Plastic Place Mats, they have those!  Looking for Doors, yep, they have miles of those.

photo source Google Images

Looking for a super cheap old dresser?  They have lots of those. In fact, I came home with this one! 

Do you need wood boxes just for the heck of it?  I thought these would make cool storage containers with wheels on the bottom.  Kind of like I did with this old Drawer for shoe storage in THIS post.

My favorite find of the day was this giant Pizza Paddle.  I have cool plans for it, but I didn’t even know Pizza Paddle art was a thing until I opened my latest Ballard’s Design Catalog and THEY are selling Pizza Paddles!  (They copied me of course)

Mine only cost a few dollars. But then again, mine will require some work because it actually has the burn marks and grease stains still on it…..

Stop #2 of the day was the San Pablo Flea Market, which is not a Flea Market at all, but a corner establishment where most of the junk is outside (and sadly the day we went, a lot of it turning to mush because it is unprotected from the elements).  

photo courtesy of Google Images

If you like a treasure hunt, this is your place.  There was beautiful China mixed in with cheap plastic plates.  Actual furniture inside hodge podged together with every conceivable doo dad and junk artifact you could imagine.

I walked away with some plates and this Rocking Chair that has all its parts for $5.

My day of Upscale Junking was a modest haul for me.  After all, I have a hard time paying cash for things when often I can them for free, (albeit they are usually items thrown out for good reason…).

On the bright side of the Dumpster, my garage is relatively clear these days.  (Relatively clear is clearly in the eye of the beholder).  If I can get my mini van in the garage, open all the doors, AND get out to walk around the car, that means the garage is relatively clear of junk.

Sue and Abbey were fantastic junking company and I dropped them back at their hotel with their own stash of airplane approved Upscale Junking items.

If you have plans to visit the SF Bay Area, I recommend you not only check out the Dumpsters, but check out the Upscale Junking scene too.  If you can’t gain entrance to the hippest junking spots, I can open doors for you…..literally. 

That’s all the junk I have for you this week.  Hope you have a totally trashy day.

HEY! And if you missed my latest DIY Paint makeover, check it out HERE.  I took a classic Basset Furniture Dresser and turned it into a Vintage Botanical Dresser.


  1. ColleenB.

    Sounds like y’all had a great time

  2. Diego Lopes

    That dresser is lovely. I wish there was a place like this near me. I’m definitely going to look for one! =)


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