What The Junk

Did you know that Urban Dictionary defines “What The Junk” as the following?

Quite possibly the coolest non-profane exclamation there is.

To know me, is to know that I love Junk and Junk is my love language.  So what have I been doing with all my junk?  Well that’s a complicated answer….

First I took off for a 2 week Workcation to Utah.  

Hiked almost every single day, (this is Provo Canyon) and there is definitely no junk here! 

Back to real life.  Our refrigerator broke down and died while we are on vacation.  Yippee! It’s covered under warranty.  What?  You don’t know how to fix it and have to bring in a specialist?  WHAT?  That specialist isn’t available for a month?  We have been living large out of our Garage extra not great fridge and a cooler!  I wanted to go pick up a larger cooler at Target, it looks like this may be our life for a while. No need to buy one, I found this Cooler in the Garbage!  

Actually I did not take it home with me.  I just couldn’t find the energy to scrub and disinfect that grody thing.  Instead we bought a mini fridge from Walmart.com!

What else is new in my Junk world?  I cleaned my garage several times this summer in an effort to only keep my most favorite junk.  I think it turned out pretty good! 

And there is plenty of space for my Van to still pull in and my kids to actually be able to get OUT of the car!  (This is not always the case)

I did recently find a really nice rolling platform to paint furniture on.  It’s long and just about the right width for a dresser, Seriously, it’s PERFECT!  I also found another chair, because you can always use more chairs to paint! 

So about that old junk.  I found this plant like 3 or 4 months ago.  I had every intention of digging up the succulent and replanting in some pots of succulents I have outside.  That poor thing has been put to the test.  It has been baking in my hot garage for at least 90 days now, with no water.  I think I decided I am running a scientific experiment to see how long that plant can go without sunlight or water.  I think I have pushed it to close the breaking point and probably should give it a new home. 

Speaking of plants…..I made 2 really cute planters out of these completely falling apart chairs I got on my huge Junk Dig to my friend’s property last June.  I still need to get some beauty pics of them finished, but will share how to do make your own chair planters from chairs that are completely falling apart and should be put in the garbage can.  

And do you remember from way back when I found this table all in pieces?  You don’t?  Well I don’t really remember when I found it either, but I have had it for so long that I am too far in and can’t bring myself to throw it away.  It still needs to be put back together again, I already ask All the King’s Horses and All the King’s Men.  It’s up to just me now….

And now for something really interesting…..Do you see this bookshelf?  That was painted in Debi’s Design Diary DIY Paint in Carnival Red.  

And! Do you see this Door?  That was painted in DIY Paint in Crinoline.  Then I spritzed it with some water to get that mottled effect. 

Both the bookshelf and the door will become part of my new display where I will be selling my DIY Paint in Brentwood, California!  I have had a LOT of requests to bring DIY Local, so who better to sell it than moi!  (if you are looking for someone humble, you came to the wrong place).  My space and DIY Paint will be at Consignment Envy in Brentwood.  You can check them out here.  If you live local, it’s by Ace Hardware in Brentwood.  Beautiful store, inventory always changing and tons of really neat things to see. 

In other news, we are growing like crazy at DIY Paint.  My life is a fine tuned, delicate balance of a strict schedule of work.  Actually, it’s super crazy, but I love it.  This is where you can find me MOST of the time.  In my hidey hole home office.  When I am not in a Dumpster, or in my garage, most likely I am right here helping out all our new DIY Paint retailers.  Interested in finding out how to become a DIY Paint retailer?  You can check that out HERE.  

If you live in the Bay Area, my space opens up September 1st.  I hope you will come out to check it out! Local workshops will soon follow as will special events from time to time.

OH and more piece of Junk!  Because I don’t have enough Junk going on around here, I decided to put myself on a 30 Day SUPER DUPER crazy growth FB Business Page plan.  I am learning as I am going.  Do me a solid, and you if you haven’t LIKE my FB page REDOUX, hop over and like it now.  Do you have a FB page you would more likes on?  Please leave a link in the comments, then like everyone else’s (if it is the kind of FB page you like).

And that my friends is What The Junk

Hope you have a totally Trashy and Fabulous Week




  1. deborah beard

    I liked your page 🙂 hope this helps… also congrats on selling paint! you’re amazing Karen!

    • GTC

      Ahhhh, thanks!! I think you are pretty amazing too.

  2. Evelyn Gilliland

    Does anyone in Louisvile, KY sell the paint? Interested in trying it. Just moved into our new house and have massive amount of projects waiting for me!!!

    • GTC

      Hi Eveylyn, we do not currently have a retailer in Kentucky, but we have them throughout the rest of the south. We are always looking for new retailers if you are interested in joining our team!

      • Evelyn Gilliland

        Exactly what does becoming a retailer require?

        I am extremely disappointed in the chalk paints I have found here in Louisville so far, must not be looking in the right places….

        I have been bringing paint back from my favorite place in my hometown where I moved from. And that gets frustrating when you run out and don’t have a trip home planned!!

  3. Leigh Garrett

    My facebook page is recycle crafts by leigh. I have lots of chairs too. I would love to turn one into some kind of storage seat.

    • GTC

      Oh you have the cutest banner on your FB page! I would love to see what you do with those chairs!

  4. Patty Soriano

    oooh, tell me you got those other cool things in the picture with the grody cooler!! The stuff on top of the rack/shelf. LOVE chairs, too! Let’s see what you’ve done. And look! the puppy fits in the garage now, too !! did you know you had a dog in there ??? 🙂

    • GTC

      Oh Patty! I didn’t bring ANY of it home! I have put myself on a strict junk diet, well at least for this month. The back of the bookshelf was coming off in chunks and I just didn’t have the heart to deal with it. A girl has got to go window shopping sometimes though! And re the Doggie, that’s my dog Keiki! She follows me around and makes Cameos once in a while 😉

      • Patty Soriano

        I also am trying hard to stay away from piles and sales. But I keep remembering that if I see a freebie I need to grab it for others. I collect items for an organization in the city which helps others who have nothing in their homes. I was seeing the white vase and whatever cool thing that was to the right of it up on top of the shelf. Although I usually think furniture, they also like decorative items. Keiki! I’ve got a shadow, too. I like seeing other pets on the blogs. Congratulations on the growing paint business! How exciting!

        • GTC

          Hi Patty! Wow, what a wonderful organization that is! I am actually a project admin for a non profit volunteer match site. I should look through my non profit partners and see if there are any that would benefit from something like this. It is SO hard to stay away from free and not look through those piles!
          Thank you so much on the good words, we are growing and growing, it’s really exciting!

  5. Catherine Petrasko

    Funny lady you are!
    All those King’s horses and all those King’s men are just plain lazy~IT TAKES A WOMAN!

    • GTC

      haha! That’s true, now what is my deal that I can’t make myself put that darn thing back together??

  6. Diana Lopes

    OMG, so many awesome projects to do with all that junk! Congrats on all your acomplishments, I’m sure you deserve it all! =)


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