How to Use an IOD Inlay Dresser Makeover

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How to Use an IOD Inlay Dresser Makeover

Friends! I have a new project to share, a new Dresser Makeover. This was a particular extra project as the Dresser came from a dear friend who has had it in her family for some time. Her girls used it, and when it was time to switch to something more functional for two soon-to-be young ladies, she gifted the Dresser to me!

Things to know before Making Over Your Old Dresser

It’s a beautiful Dresser but needed some serious work. The Top was pretty scratched, the Veneer was in poor shape on the fronts of the drawers, and there was a giant hole in the middle of the middle drawer where a lock must have been at one point in the Dresser’s history. Now it was a big gaping hole begging for a new look.

Prepping Your Dresser Before Painting

The first thing I did was clean the surface. Don’t skip this step! If you do, you risk pushing any dirt or grease further into the wood, where it will pop up to say hello in the form of an ugly stain once you put some liquid on it. I used my favorite all-natural cleaning solution, Humble Suds. A tiny jar will be enough for a 16-20 oz spray bottle.


After cleaning, I gave everything complete sand. The Top was deplorable, so I sanded the entire Veneer off so it could be stained later. I also had some holes to fill where probably a mirror used to fit in. This is a common thing to find with old low-boy dressers. I solved this problem by filling it with Bondo. The same stuff they use to fill in dents for car repair! It’s pretty fumey, so wear gloves and a mask and work in a well-ventilated area when it dries; it’s easy to sand smooth. You can grab it here on Amazon.

Trouble Shooting Problems with Making over an Old Dresser

This is where I tell you what I should have done before painting. Apply one coat of DIY Paint Salvation Solution. The stain on many old dressers has some chemical that will often come through whatever paint you use—especially pieces made between the 1920s – the 1940s. Stop the staining with an oil-based product because whatever comes through is oil-based. A water-based primer won’t work. You can use Laquer, transparent nail polish for little spots (works for after the bleed-through comes through if it’s minimal), or DIY Paint Salvation Solution, my go-to problem solver.

Painting Your Dresser

Now that the bleed-through was solved, time for paint. I used DIY Paint Crinoline for the front of the dresser and Apothecary for the outline and sides. To make this dresser extra special, I used the IOD Paint Inlay, Summer Villa.

How to Use an IOD Paint Inlay on Your Old Dresser

I learned much about the dos and don’ts of IOD Paint Inlays. They are SO COOL! They are Paint that you embed into your wet paint on your project. They can be used up to 3 times, so they differ from a transfer because they are not a one-and-done. You can also “blend” the color as I did in my video. I hope you will watch it. I have some excellent inside knowledge to share with you for your next DIY Projects!

Putting a Finish on your Painted Dresser

My favorite go-to finish over DIY Paint is always DIY Paint Clear Wax.  It’s 100% Natural, deeply penetrates the all-natural paint, and when dry and buffed, it gives you a very soft feel.

Big Top is our toughest brush on top coat, followed by one coat of DIY Paint Clear wax. Topping it off with clear wax creates a water-tight surface that will withstand any liquid, including wine, spills. It’s cool, and I encourage you to try it!

For the top, Clear Wax is a great product, but for pieces that will need to be wiped down periodically, I recommend a brush on coat + Clear Wax.

Any furniture wax will begin to break down with repeated wiping. Reapplying the Clear Wax once a year or so is a great solution, but to make things watertight and liquid resistant, I recommend a coat of Big Top or Liquid Patina with a coat of clear wax over it. I highly encourage you to try this on your next project; it’s fun to spill something on it and watch it pool up! I did a fun reel with Diet Pepsi to illustrate the point; you might gasp!

Pulling it all together for Your Dresser Makeover

French Dresser makeover with IOD Inlay Redoux

I hope I inspired you to try something new! If you have not had a chance to try DIY Paint, I hope you will. It is truly LIFE CHANGING: no Latex, No Acrylic, No Silicone, No artificial, nothing. DIY Paint will stick to any surface, and trust me. I have pushed the boundaries by testing it over the past 12-plus years. I have tried almost every paint on the planet, especially for furniture, and nothing is as wonderful as DIY Paint. It is so much fun to open a jar and create.

I can’t wait to start my next project with DIY Paint and an IOD Inlay. The Inlays are a game changer with how you upcycle and makeover your old Dresser and furniture.

Got questions, got comments? Please share in the conversation. I can’t wait to hear from you.


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