Christmas in July Easy DIY Decorations

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Christmas in July Easy DIY Decorations

Are you the type that begins their Christmas preparations in July? Me neither! I am not this early of a planner. I created this post so we can all be on Santa’s favorite list this year and get the Best Gifts Ever award because we are planning ahead!

Come December; you will be as cool as a Cucumber refreshing drink in a Hot July sun. You can thank me later when everyone you know is frantically making things and running multiple trips to the craft store to find the one thing they need to is sold out in October.

Not us this year! My roundup of my favorite DIY Christmas Decor Gifts is all you need for everyone on your “loves unique gifts” list. By Christmas, you can kick back and enjoy without the stress of running around.

DIY Christmas Gifts #1

Do you have any cans on hand?

I am guessing you may use them occasionally. You can make adorable Christma Decor hangers to stuff with Candy, put floral foam in them for pine sprigs, etc. If you have a Vise on Hand, all the better; if not, you can use a hammer and hard surface to do this.

How to Prepare an Aluminum to Make DIY Decor

Start by cleaning it well. Cut both the top and the can out. Be careful not to touch the cut part. If you have a Vise (I use mine often; it has so many uses, and I am happy I bought it; it is small enough to store easily when not in use), place the bottom of the can in the vise and squeeze until it is almost closed or closed. If you don’t, you can lay it on a flat surface and secure it with needle nose pliers. Use a hammer to gently pound it flat.

Once it is flat, you can either use E6000 glue to secure it tight if you plan to add something that would spill out or just leave it as is. If you don’t have this glue, get some and keep it on hand; you can use it for all kinds of DIY Decor.

Decorating the Can for DIY Christmas Decor

I have made many of these crushed cans for all kinds of decor. I like to use DIY Paint, and either an IOD Transfer (you can grab all these supplies at my shop and have them delivered right to your door), IOD Moulds, and air dry clay are beautiful too, or even scrap paper. I love using DIY Paint because it is clay-based, sticks to even the slickest surfaces, and is 100% natural.

Take some heavy-duty hole punchers (this is the one I have, and it comes in so handy for so many projects! And! It does not hurt my hand to squeeze it) and punch a hole in either side of the can. Use some fine gauge wire or twine and secure in both holes to hang the can ornament.

I decided to add some floral foam to this Crushed Can Ornament. I just sliced some off a block of floral foam I had on hand from the dollar store. You will need a tiny amount.

I didn’t have any spare green around, so I discreetly pulled some off a Garland I use in my space at Rancho Coop in Oakley, CA. You will never know I borrowed a little.

Easy DIY Christmas Coasters

DIY Christmas coasters are wonderful Stocking Stuffers, Hostess Gifts, and fun items to add to your DIY Christmas Decor when all those unexpected guests stop by.

You can grab packages of plain wood coasters on Amazon here or at Hobby Lobby (more expensive).

Paint each side of the coaster with DIY Paint in Marquee. Marquee is a true Christmas Red. While waiting for your paint to dry, take a sheet of holiday-themed scrap paper or heavy-duty wrapping paper. Trace the coaster size on the back of your paper, (if the paint is wet and you don’t have extras, do this step first).

I like to tear the edges of the paper. Tear towards you; you will have the torn side facing up. Torn-edged paper creates a whimsical, worn look.

Using a Decoupage medium (my always go-to is DIY Paint Clear Liquid Patina), it has a longer open time than Mod Podge and is far easier to use.

Coat the back of the paper and the coaster, and align your paper with the coaster. Add another coat of Clear Patina over the top, and you have handmade DIY Christmas Coasters.

Next on the list is shopping. Comment and let me know if you already made handmade DIY Christmas Decor and Gifts!

If you want more fabulous Christmas in July ideas, head to the Turquoise Iris Journal exclusives to read what other content creators have shared.The best Christmas Decor ideas for Christmas in July, from some of the most talented creators I know. Enjoy!


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