No Sew Fabric Scrap Lampshade Makeover

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No Sew Fabric Scrap Lampshade Makeover

Easy DIY No Sew Fabric Scrap Lampshade Makeover Redoux

Happy New Year! Did you look around your house after taking down the Christmas Decor and feel a little sad, like things were just a little plain, a little tired, and in need of a refresh? I have a fun and easy Fabric Scrap Project for you that will cost you nothing except a little time so you have money to pay off those holiday bills and think about what you want to buy for yourself next!

If you are new to my blog, then I should tell you I love (click the highlighted text for my intro to Dumpster Diving guide), Dumpster Diving, Curbside Shopping, and all things Free. I found this old lamp next to a Dumpster, literally. I took a chance that it would still work and loaded it up to take home. Plugged it in, (the bulb was still in it) and it lit up! The problem was, it was kind of ugly! The curves of the lamp itself were fun and begging for some colorful DIY paint (which if you have not tried, will stick to just about any surface and is 100% Natural).

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The Shade was in good shape, but plain and boring. I have a big container full of fabric and trim scraps that I have been wanting to use up on a fun home DIY Decor project. I knew this project would be just the thing to use up my old Fabric Scraps.

How to Choose Fabrics for Your Fabric Scrap Lampshade

I took out several different pieces of fabric scraps I had on hand and selected those that would coordinate. I was looking for Black and White, Red and Yellow. I narrowed it down to the Red Ticking and Black and White to keep it simpler. I then cut equal-width strips of each piece of fabric. If you don’t have enough width, you can easily sew end-to-end strips together by hand, or simply attach them with a hot glue gun. I made each strip approximately double the width of the lampshade. Don’t worry about measuring perfectly, this is a whimsical project and you can always cut or add if you come up too long or short.

Once I had the strips I wanted, I arranged them on my shade as a dry fit. I took a picture for my reference to remember in which order I wanted the fabric to go.

If you would like to see an in-depth video of this process, I made a fun tutorial over at MadeTV! Haven’t heard of MadeTV? It’s an incredible streaming network full of fun tutorials, insider info, studio tours, and creative inspiration just for you. No ads, and easy to search and follow your favorite artists. I would love for you to join me there! Lifetime memberships are available and with them, you have access to all kinds of exclusive content, live tutorials you can watch in replay, and more.

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I then used my sewing machine (I know I said no sewing, but you can do this without a sewing machine, sew by hand or skip this altogether). I sewed a loose stitch along the top of each strip and then pulled it to gather it. You can easily do this by hand, or you can simply use your hot glue gun to gather it and glue it as you attach it to your lampshade.

I started at the top layer and worked my way down by adding each layer like a skirt under the previous one. If I were to do this again, I would have started from the bottom and worked my way to the top. Once you have all the layers you want, cover up the top layer with a piece of trim. I happened to have a fun stip of black pom pom trim, so that’s what I used on the top!

Fabric Scrap Lampshade on Redoux

At this point when I finished the Fabric Scrap Lampshade makeover, I had been working by myself for hours and was feeling a little goofy!

This Fabric Scrap Lampshade makeover is perfect if you sew or don’t sew. You can easily use a glue gun to glue the gathers together instead of a sewing machine.

There are endless combinations of Fabric Scraps you could come up with to makeover your old lampshades. I hope I inspired you to look at your old stuff in a new way! If you liked this post, please let me know by leaving a comment and if you want to see more makeovers, tutorials, and all things Redouxing from me, please sign up for my free weekly newsletter HERE! When you sign up, you will automatically receive my free “Getting Started Painting Furniture and Cabinetry” Guide!


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