Trashy Tuesday How to Stencil on Old Wood With Stain

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Trashy Tuesday How to Stencil on Old Wood With Stain


Do you have some old scrap wood lying around or even old fence boards? This is a great project to make with any extra pieces of wood. And it’s two projects with one! I made this box from old fence boards and painted it with DIY Paint. When this post was initially published, I used a product made by CeCe Caldwell, the company no longer exists, but DIY Paint partnered with the original manufacturer and if you loved the ORIGINAL Cece products, then you will go gaga for DIY Paint, which has only nine ingredients and is 100% Natural, Clay Based paint. DIY Paint has more than TEN times the pigment of any other comparable brand on the market, and there is no latex, acrylic, silicone, plastic, or anything fake. They are the only paint brand that can honestly say that.

Now, onto the box we are going to build with scrap wood. barn wood or old fence boards. Here’s what I started with, if I can build this, anyone can build this!  If you don’t have a chop saw, you can use a hand saw or find someone in your neighborhood, bake them some cookies, and have them chop up your old piece of wood for you 😉

If you do not have any scrap wood, you can easily purchase inexpensive wood at your local Home Depot, and they can cut the wood to size for you. It’s an excellent service and I use this all the time for large pieces of wood I cannot get in my car. 

To begin, you will need five pieces of wood in equal sizes.  Mine were 7 inches each.  When using old fence boards, try to find pieces that are not warped.  (It makes getting the sides to match up a little more challenging if they are curvy in places). If you are using regular lumber, this part will be easier.

Glue three sides together using wood glue.  I like Tite Bond Glue; it’s the best on the market and perfect if you love to use IOD Air Dry Clay and Moulds like I do! Tite Bond Wood Glue is strong!  I used cans of paint to hold it in place; they are just the right height for my project.

Glue the bottom piece into place by putting the glue on the sides, then the 4th side on the box.  Let dry for at least an hour.  

I used a nail gun with 3 nails on each side and 4 nails across the bottom to secure the box.  You could do this step by hand.  I love Ryobi products for all my home decor furniture and upcycles. They are very affordable, and the 18V batteries are interchangeable. This is the cordless Ryobi nail gun I have, purchased from Amazon HERE

I painted the entire box with one coat of DIY Paint in Vintage Linen. When the paint was dry, (only took about 30 minutes) I lightly sanded it with 220 Grit Sandpaper to distress the finish.  Next, I went over it with a piece of brown grocery bag.  This polishes and smoothes the paint.  DIY Paints are 100% Natural and contain NO latex or acrylic.  The paper bag makes the porcelain clay in the paint shine and sparkle and smooths the surface.  Check HERE for some of my YouTube videos and how I have used DIY Paint in other projects.

Now for the Stencil!  I used DIY Paint in Dark & Decrepit. If you have ever worked with stains, then you know they can be very toxic, even the water-based stains now available off-gas a ton of chemicals that are very damaging to your lungs. DIY Paint Dark & Decrepit stain is the only 100% Natural stain on the market, and it is effortless to work with.  Watch the video to see how easy it is to stencil on old wood with DIY Paint Dark & Decrepit.

Now that the box was painted and stenciled, I used it as a unique wrapping for a dear friend’s birthday gift. Instead of using regular tissue paper and a gift bag, the handmade box made with scrap wood is perfect, and consider using old map pages instead of tissue paper.

My friend loved her gift; it was a nice alternative to gift bags.

Next time you see a piece of old wood, pick it up and grab some DIY Paint from me! You can grab it online or in the SF Bay Area at my booth at Rancho Coop in Oakley. Then check back here to see how to stencil on old wood!  

That’s it for Trashy Tuesday this week.  I hope I inspired you to use your old scrap wood, fence boards, or barn wood! There are endless projects you can make with scrap wood. Search my blog for more upcycled projects; I have tons more trash to share with you, so be sure to subscribe to get my latest trashy posts right to your inbox!  You can grab my FREE Getting Started Furniture Guide when you sign up for my free weekly newsletter, full of inspiration and fun ideas!

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