Why I go for the oldies Part One

Good Time Charlie

My kids are out of school, and lucky for me I live close enough to the town I grew up in
so we spent the day going down:
I was inspired to take this trip, as my sister just did when visiting from out of town with her daughter.  My boys are having a Mancation at Spring Training in Arizona,
so I thought I could take the day with my girls (plus one friend) to revisit all my childhood places. 
I think I love the past, I love family stories, I love hearing other people’s family stories.  I love old things in general.  If they would let me work here again for a day, I probably would.  This was my first job:
Scooping Ice Cream at Loard’s Ice Cream.  My sisters and I all worked here.  I served many sundaes to people who sat at this exact table.  The place used to be pink, the artwork was far worse, and maybe (it was a little dirtier in the corners), but other than that, it has remained mostly the same.  The one thing that is missing, and I can’t imagine why, was this sign that used to be proudly displayed in the glass by the Ice Cream freezer that stated why the Ice Cream tasted so good because Loard’s had a higher “butter fat” content!  Oh how I would love to have that sign now!
Anyhow….old is new again, and just because it is something from your past, has been sitting in the garage, it ugly or outdated, does not mean it can’t find new love and a new home. 
Tomorrow I will share more of some of my favorite “oldies” things that were passed on to me.  Client’s pieces that have significant history and meaning.  I am having my first link up party.  So tomorrow, send me your favorite pieces with a past and what you have done to update them.  I will choose a few that stand out and use them in my next post.

Have a lovely day, and if it isn’t, then Redoux it. -K


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