Cassie’s Story and a dialog all women need to have

Good Time Charlie

  1. thank you so much for sharing, karen, and for your nice words about me. i do hope mothers and fathers will read this and talk to their kids. i know i will talk to mine as i never want them to be victims or even worse, predators.

  2. Anonymous says:

    An important issue. You can bet, like with most sex crimes, those
    numbers are very low. Educating both young men and women can surely help.
    Thank you both.


  3. Very scary–I had no idea, and am incredibly blessed to be left out of the stats.
    I was so busy working a full time job, and living off campus–maybe I was too busy to notice or BE noticed–?? Whichever, I count myself lucky, and pray for the ones who were.are not.

  4. Scary! That's it, signing the girls back up for karate! ps – just pointed out your profile picture to my youngest (she thinks you look really cool – lol!) Take care, awesome to finally talk to you today:) Happy dumpster diving!

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