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Good Time Charlie

Do you know this girl? 
If not, you really should get to know her. It is Shannon from Fox Hollow Cottage.  Shannon is one of my favorite people I have “met” while blogging.  She is the personal cheerleader of many blogs, always doling out encouraging comments, spreading the love about projects others have done, and being one of the sweetest people I have had the pleasure to get to know.   I am THRILLED she is guest posting today.  Shannon is amazingly talented, and has some gorgeous home “Redouxs” on her blog.  Without further adieu, here is Shannon!
Hello Redoux Readers!
My name is Shannon and you can usually find me over at Fox Hollow Cottage where I blog.
(or on facebook, at Goodwill or running my kid around town.)

I was lucky enough to meet Karen at the very beginning of my blog journey. 
I think she is just ridiculously talented. 
I have loved getting to know her and always look forward to her latest project!

She has graciously invited me to hang out over here at Redoux today and I’ll be sharing a few of the
things that I have Redouxed.
(If you type it in blog land, it becomes a word.)
Yes! It’s true… I just made it up.

My husband and I have “redouxed” a few homes, but this 1920’s cottage style bungalow was by far
our biggest challenge, in terms of the level of work needed and the budget we had available.

Our house is located on a street, by a curb.
Which almost qualifies it as a roadside rescue!

It was basically in need of us. 
Or a match.

Here is a little taste of our home;
I’ll start with the kitchen.
Don’t cry okay?
It’s better now.

Our makeover involved ripping everything out and starting all-over from scratch. 
My husband and I had loads of help from my dad. We could not have done it without him.
If you have a handy helper, consider yourself blessed! 
We used lots of white paint, beadboard and about the cheapest counter top tile at Lowe’s!

You’ll find lots more photos and all the details of

Our house also came with bathrooms.

Please brace yourself… 
because if you thought the kitchen was bad. 
This, is even worse!

Looking back… I honestly do not know WHAT I was thinking!

I do know that I am so, so, very glad I took pictures.
Because really. Would you have believed me?

After we were done with all of the big projects, like plumbing (always fun!), painting the entire interior and exterior, installing 23
windows and countless other fun adventures, I finally got a chance to start playing around with some furniture makeovers.

The Fun Stuff!

These are a few of the makeovers I was able to do.

It sure was fun getting to hang out at 
Karen’s Le’ Frenchy~Fab blog today.
Thank you so much for letting me interrupt your regularly scheduled “Karen” time.

Ayez un jour merveilleux!!


  1. cassie

    i love shannon! she is funny and sweet. and her kitchen gives me hope for my kitchen…. i have a dream!

  2. Jennie Larsen


  3. Anne Marie Vanstone

    Shannon, Your blog and lovely pics are always so inspirational. Looking forward to warmer days in order to tackle a few outdoor painting activities. Thanks for sharing

  4. Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

    Wowzahs! I had already seen the bathroom make-over…which I love, but girl…you have got some serious talent! The kitchen…holy ridiculous! Gorgeous! I love the little table, and have seen a few at our Goodwill…guess who may have to snag one now! But, my favorite…want to have it for myself…is the armoire! I love, love, love it!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  5. Shannon Fox

    Thanks again for having me Karen 😉 Mwah!

  6. Jen @ Four Marrs & One Venus

    Holy Moly- your bathroom is like heaven Shannon! So so pretty! I am so happy I found you lady because your talent is outta this world! -Jen

  7. Pam @ diy Design Fanatic

    Fabulous job on your kitchen Shannon! Seriously, you guys did a great job! Your bathroom and other projects are fab too! 🙂

  8. Pamela

    All wonderul Redouxs Shannon! Karen is the funniest gal ever and I to am glad to have met her!

  9. Debbie refreshrestyle

    I love the kitchen and bath make-overs! Can you believe the before pics! Shannon is a very talented friend, with wonderful vision, I bet most people would not have seen the potential! Her love for aqua and white, speaks to me! I love Shannon’s blog, her makeovers and her wonderful personality! She’s a keeper!

  10. debbiedoos

    Great guest post Shannon, and thank for leading me over here…awesome site. Have to go browse around now.

  11. Lizy

    I agree with all the good things said about Shannon…a few weeks ago while hosting the Spring Mantle Party over at her blog, she was kind enough to show her followers on facebook my attempt to a “spring mantle” since I don’t have a blog and couldn’t party with the big girls…well she made it possible and made my day…not to say my year! She is an amazing lady with creative ideas and above all a big heart! Thank You for featuring her here at Redoux Karen and keep up the good work ladies!

  12. Bliss

    You redouxed good my dear. And Karen, you were spot on with your description of Shannon. She is like the shepherd, she knows which one of her flock has been featured where and lets us know, she is the best cheerleader ever and always has encouraging words. Not to mention she knows how to redoux!


  13. Rondell

    Really nice Shannon, love all the white and your auqa too, you both have did wonders on your little cottage!


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