Where Magic Happens, Part Deux – The rest of the story

Good Time Charlie

  1. cassie says:

    omg, i couldn’t read it all because i was laughing too hard at the eve children like junque picture!!!!! i am dying here!!!! that is hilarious!!!

  2. Karen, Thanks your sharing your experience and personal reasons for choosing CeCe Caldwell’s Paints! I’m sure there’s a ton of people out there who never think about how dangerous it is to expose themselves and their families to the chemicals contained in the products they choose. I was never one to read labels and seemed to somehow overlook large orange “HAZARDOUS” labels found on so many products but all that changed last year when I became seriously ill.

    I spent over four months in and out of doctors offices due to ongoing complications with my breathing. My doctors were very concerned with the nodules & granuloma changes detected in my CT Scans and after spending thousands of dollars on medical care, I found out that something in the paint products I was using was to blame.

    I was exclusively using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint back then and it never even dawned on me that it had anything to do with my pneumonia-like symptoms. If I didn’t have the freedom to choose, I wouldn’t even be painting anymore. I thank God now that I went through this horrible experience because it was my doctor’s orders to completely remove those toxins that led me on the hunt for something better. That’s when I discovered CeCe Caldwell’s Paints. It has changed not only improved my health, but has dramatically changed the level of joy I experience while painting because of the ease of use. I

    I have met the most amazing people since joining on with this company and am in humbled by the integrity, unity and teamwork shared by each of it’s members. I will never, ever look back!

    Thanx for sharing, Shelly Andrade ~ Proud to be an authorized retailer for CeCe Caldwell’s Paints

  3. Kelly Duhon says:

    Hi Karen. My business partner and I are in the same pickle right now. We not only paint furniture and cabinets, but also walls, doors, garage doors, etc. We are steering towards low voc paints. We have already eliminated alkyd paints as much as possible. My business partner has been on special inhalers for over a month because her doctor found problems with her lungs and breathing and blamed it on the chemicals she is exposed to.I. Have started getting headaches almost immediately after breathing in oil based products (my partner too).

    On another note, I swear we would be great friends if we ever met, my son also has severe ADHD/OCD and also Tourette Syndrome. My partner’s son has severe ADHD and extreme Sensory Processing Disorder (oh my son has this too) and her daughter also has ADHD. Needless to say, my business partner and I paint and counsel each other about our kiddos all day. Lol. Luckily, our kids aren’t around a lot of our painting since the majority of what we do is in our client’s homes. :). We have loved using the new Benj Moore waterborne alkyd paint and Sherwin Williams’ Pro Classic waterborne alkyd paint but realize they still have fumes. After having our business for so many years, we are starting to feel the consequences of being around all the chemicals. :((

  4. chris says:

    Just started using CC paints. What attracted me at first was the wonderful colors. Now that I know the story behind the company, I’m sold. So happy they will be available online now. Great post.

  5. Karen, I am sorry that you had to deal with this. My thank to you and all of the others that spoke up on behalf of CeCe Caldwell’s Paints. CeCe

  6. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    Well now I know I have to try that paint!

  7. Nia Sayers says:

    I love learning the backstories of companies like this. Very well written Karen. I’m sure CeCe Caldwell’s Paints just gained a ton of new customers!

  8. Suffering Husband says:

    Great story well told!

  9. I am so glad you posted this detailed testimonial. For my ‘day job”, I also work with a company that puts people and ethics first – Rodan + Fields Dermatologists. Personally, I have decided to support like minded companies whenever I can.

    As far as the lashings out in comments, it’s just part of what we have to deal with when we put ourselves and our beliefs out there. I don’t know what makes otherwise rational people turn on the attack when they have the chance to write…I don’t think many of them would do so face-to-face. All we can do is stand firm in our own beliefs and know that the good will dominate over the toxic word ( and products!) over time.

    Good stuff!

  10. The bar area of our kicthen counter looks identical to your counter. haha…glad to know I’m not the only one!!

  11. Tonya says:

    It’s a great story and truly heartfelt. I always love to hear the history of companies like this, and as someone who has built their business from the ground up, I understand what hard work this must have entailed to bring a company to life and keep to a high standard. I am open to using all products, however, what turns me off across the board is the continued throw-down. CeCe retailers say that they would never bad mouth the competition, however, I have seen numerous blog-posts by these same people portraying ASCP as deadly and unhealthy. Shelly Andrade above basically calls out ASCP as ruining her health. To me, that is just not something that needs to be done. I am extremely allergic to nuts, but that doesn’t mean I am telling everyone that Planters is a bad company – it’s just the way my body reacts to a product. To stand and say that CeCe retailers are above the name-calling and stick-throwing is completely false as I have seen examples from both camps, and a prime example in the comment above. We are all in business to support our families, and the various derogatory posts and comments do not help anyone. Stand for your product on its own merits without taking another one down. It just makes you look better when everyone else is rolling around in the mud with the pigs.

  12. Jill Flory says:

    Cool. I loved reading about this paint! I can’t believe it’s only 9 months old!! How cool. And I really do intend to try some – just have to find time to find a reatailer!!!

  13. Debi Weber says:

    Humorous read with applicable pictures to bring on smiles and chuckles. Wonderful story well told. Being blessed to have met you in person, I can say you are without a doubt one of the most positive people I have ever met. As long as you are writin’, I am readin’ !!

  14. Kathy Rainwater says:

    Hi Karen – I missed the initial hubub (kinda thankful for that) from the post about the workshop. BTW, you look fabulous in our pic; I did NOT have on my sparkly paint shirt. Darn it. =-)

    I also have disabled children around my workspace, and an 83 year old mom with COPD (lung issues). CeCe’s paint is awesome and beautiful. So are her distributors, so is she. As a mother of challenged kiddos, I am especially in love with the fact that her company is employing the “unemployable” here in America. Those who want to work but can’t find jobs in a typical setting because of our results-driven society can find a place with her. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if more employers followed her lead? I am more than willing to pay more for an American-made, innovative, safe, green, responsible product that is manufactured by a sensitive, lovely employer.

    And it was SO fun painting with you! BTW, your children are adorable, which is not surprising considering how cute you are.

  15. ColetteMarie says:

    Less than a week ago, I was looking thru blogs about decorating with vintage finds, when I came across mentions of chalk paint. For me that was great since so often, when at flea markets, etc., I come across pieces I love but the color is wrong or is just too damaged but has great look. I have never had the time to sand, prime & then paint so I have pften passed up pieces I love. My sister has painted some pieces, sanding, priming, etc., so I know how long that process can be.
    I am a single mom & I work full time as an RN in the Emergency Room. My 16 yr old son has Aspergers (mild autism) & PDD (Pervasive Developmental Delay). Despite maintaining an A average in school (now in 11th grade), he can only read independently at 3rd grade level. He couldn’t read at all until 7th grade, but learns thru listening & his strength is his memory. He is progressing with his reading at about 1 grade level a year for the past 3 yrs. So, in order to keep up with his grade level work (now 11th). I have a copy of all his text books every year, at home, & I do all his homework with him every night. So, finding the time for the long process of sanding, priming, painting would only lead to frustration. But, now that I have discovered CC Caldwell Paints, I know I can find the time to transform some pieces.

    I worry about his future & love to hear of companies hiring people whom others do not have the patience to hire & train.

    I have signed up for a CC Caldwell workshop, at Shabby Daze, in New Jersey, towards the end of October. I can’t tell you how excited I am. I have several vintage finds, already, that I plan to transform with CC’s paint. Of course, I am also now planning to visit the Salvation Army & Good Will stores more frequently to see what I can find to turn into a beautiful treasure… at least I hope I can turn them into beautiful treasures. I’ve never painted furniture before so I hope I find I have at least a little bit of talent. I am going to wait until I have taken the workshop before starting on my new adventure. I am so excited!!

    • What a nice story Colette. I’m glad you can make time in your busy life to be here next month! You will be so pleased by how easy this paint is to use. AND, there will be no fumes in your home! Can’t wait to meet you.

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