Trashy Tuesday Ottoman Empire

Le Junque

  1. I never knew the humble ottoman has such a rich past. Thanks for the history lesson. Can’t wait to see how you revive these.


  2. Oh so very jealous of your ottoman stash, well, I should quit coveting yours and do something with the two that I have. After that I will probably covet yours again, but for now I will give you a break and just be happy for you and your lovely junk pile. 🙂

    Faye (MacGIRLver)

  3. I too have a “thing” for ottomans and low stools. I have a few waiting for treatment. Here is one I completed.

  4. Cheryl says:

    How funny! I, too, have a “thing” for ottomans and also have four in my stash. I also have a couple of curbside finds that will shortly become ottomans. Be sure to show yours when they get a redoux!

  5. mj says:

    Any chance you have a post on the what, why, how, and wherefore of compressors? If I have one, what kind of staple gun should I buy, your fave paint gun, etc and so-forth. If I had compressor I could use for stapling upholstery I’m rather certain i would actually reupholster the loveseat, ottoman, and all 6 of my dining room chairs. The last are in various stages of undress in the dining room, so we have to eat in the kitchen. It would be so great if we could “pick your brain” on the topic. Thanks for considering this.

  6. Catherine says:

    I LIKE ottomans, I LUV benches!
    Totally luv’n the one your frmr neighbor abandoned!

  7. Jill Flory says:

    I love ottomans too. I usually slip cover them and they seem to sell well!

  8. If I had seen your post yesterday, I would have picked up an ottoman off the curb. It’s still there, but it’s been rained on for a day. Now I won’t fear next time ;D!

  9. hetty says:

    Great finds Karen and thanks for the Ottoman Turks history lesson! I have not tackled a major upholstery project, but an ottoman seems doable.

  10. Will you be giving them a makeover in heels and a skirt – now that I’ve got to see?!

  11. […] or both.  Depending on how much time I feel like fiddling with mood lighting in this room.  That Ottoman was a lovely Dumpster Dive treasure […]

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