How to get a Distressed Look on old Hamper

Hamper in Distress! Distressed finish that is.  I was intrigued by this little faux-looking cabinet I found several weeks ago at my local Goodwill.  I knew right away what it needed. One coat of DIY Paint in Skeleton Key! 

DIY Paint is 100% Natural, Clay Based, which makes it different from every other chalk paint product.  It is perfectly smooth, the colors are beautiful, and cover well, even their whites.   It paints like liquid Velvet.  You won’t believe how good a paintbrush and a can of paint can feel.  It is amazing stuff.  Check my sidebar if you want to know more.

On first look, it was disguised as a little cabinet.  Upon closer inspection, I realized it was a nifty little hamper!  (The before picture went AWOL on me.

My little hamper really needed just a quick fix.  One coat of Skeleton Key. When this dried, I did a light sand with 320 on the top.  To make the distressing less distressing I opted for a wet distress method.  I simply used a damp rag and wiped the paint off where I wanted a distressed, weathered look.  There is no acrylic or latex, just nine ingredients, with the base being made from Clay in DIY Paint.

When the hamper had dried for 24 hours, I wanted to protect that finish with a hard-wearing finish.  I chose DIY Paint Big Top. (check my video here) Now the hamper can get all the wipe-downs it may need and it will not get further distressed.  Don’t you think it was distressed enough?  Time to let it be.





  1. Gigi Harlan

    That is one gorgeous hamper! I love the color and the distressing…just perfect!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  2. Claudine

    It looks beautiful, Karen!!!
    Since you painted that other dresser in Smoky mountain, I have been meaning to do the same! This is another great Smoky Mountain project!

  3. Diana

    Love the color!

  4. Catherine

    Great piece—I was just thinking about how I need a new hamper!

  5. Roselle

    This is adorable and came out wonderful! I just saw CC’s paint at a shop and was wondering about it. Visiting from Debra’s Common Ground.


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