Trashy Tuesday The Inside of the Dumpster

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Trashy Tuesday The Inside of the Dumpster

Every Trashy Tuesday I share with you what I FOUND that week in and around Dumpsters. Road Side Pick Ups and just Free Junk.  This week, I thought I would share a bit of what it looks like inside that Dumpster Container. If you are an experienced Dumpster Diver, you may have noticed that many Dumpsters are in their own self-contained little outdoor “rooms”.  Sometimes they are neat and tidy. People politely place things that are too large next to the Dumpster. Sometimes they are DEESGUSTING, with trash spilling out of and all around, onto the things that were unceremoniously dumped.

This week, you get a little look at the latter.  Be prepared and be thankful my blog doesn’t come with smelling sensory…….

When it rains it pours.  So it was this week inside the Dumpsters!  Trashy Tuesday at its finest.  I was pretty darn busy last week and not a lot of trash picking got done.  In one quick sweep around my city, in only 2 DUMPSTERS!  I found a treasure trove or junk today.  

At my super-secret Dumpster Diving spot where I find the most ridiculously amazing things I found THIS DRESSER!  The drawers were all present and accounted for. However, someone decided to make off with the knobs.  As I tilted the dresser forward, I realized the drawers were still FULL!!!!  Seriously, this was up there with some of the strangest things I have seen in and around a Dumspter. I did have a good time being a major snoop literally going through someone else’s drawers.  

Most of the things I am donating, too creepy to think about being that intimate with someone else’s clothing and personal items….especially someone who may not be walking this earth any longer. Remember how I said it was SUPER SECRET?

It also had this Nightstand that went with it, but the drawer was AWOL.  As of Press time for this post, I may or may not have gone back on a recognizance mission to look for that drawer! 

Moving right along.  What IS IT with me and bookshelves?  I find so Darn many of them!  Check out past Trashy Tuesdays to see how many bookshelf units I have found.  This one is HUGE.

I am keeping it for myself.  I am thinking it will have a perfect spot on top of my DUMPSTER DESK.

You can read all about that one HERE.

If you are a regular around Trashy Tuesday, then you might remember how important it is to cultivate a JUNK NETWORK.  My junk network called today and told me there was this (again bookshelf) cabinet behind my local Target.  Sure enough, it was still there this afternoon when I had time to go pick it up.  

I am at MAXIMUM capacity in my garage.  If you are a local reader, you can find me at a HUGE local garage sale this Saturday!  Apple Hill in Brentwood, CA is having their annual Garage Sale and I have been graciously extended an invitation by a resident to share her garage with my Junk!  Apple Hill is a gated community and they open their gates only once a year for East Contra County’s biggest garage sale.  The lines go on for quite a while to get in, so plan to come early!

That is all the Junk I have for you this week at Trashy Tuesday.  Now you really know the Inside of a Dumpster.  See you next week for more Trashy News.  Until then, have a totally Trashy week that I hope is filled with all kinds of good JUNK!


  1. Diana

    I can’t believe people throw out these bookcases. Gee…… great work Karen.

  2. ColleenB. ~ Texas

    Bless your heart for saving all those items and keeping them from going to the land fill. Such wonderful finds once again. You lucky, lucky gal. If you ever run out of storage room; I’m sure I would be able to make room here at my place. for some of your wonderful finds. :}
    That red unit is awesome. The first thing that came to my mind was to put in laundry / mud room. Put hanging hooks on the inside back part and use for the kids coats, caps, etc. and down below add some baskets for gloves, etc.
    That large white bookcase……totally Awesome. I could use that myself in my craft room.
    Love the design on the dresser with matching night stand. That will be gorgeous once it’s repainted or stained and some brass hardware; it will be stunning .

    • ColleenB. ~ Texas

      I just now noticed something. You left that toilet sit there. Could had used it as a planter :}

      • GTC

        LOL, Colleen, my backyard would be nothing BUT toilets if I picked up every toilet I find. I think Suffering Husband has to draw the line somewhere!

  3. Fabiola Garcia

    After reading your 3 posts on dumpster diving, I had found some good stuff. Going around the apts complex next to mine, I found a beautiful head board, and sold it in a garage sale that I was having the same week. Went to visit my son, and bam!!, two mid century chairs outside the dumpster, those I want to keep. And my grandchildren was with, and he comment…here we go again grandma!!. , please dont seat on that dirty seat!!
    It was so funny, but he would be amaze with the transformation I`m planning to do on those chairs. thank you for the advise on dumpster diving.

    • GTC

      Fabiola, that is so cool!!! You are teaching your grandchildren a valuable lesson too, that just because someone throws it out, doesn’t mean it is JUNK!

  4. chris aka monkey

    crap i live in such a small town we don’t have a dumpster xx

    • GTC

      Chris, you need to take a field trip to your nearest big city! Go at the end or beginning of the month when people are moving out!

  5. Vicki

    Aside from this Apple Hill sale, how do you sell your items on a regular basis. My garage filled up very quickly and I now need to SELL. I posted on CraigsList but no bites. Could use a few other ideas. Thanks

    • GTC

      Check out if there are FB groups in your area where you can sell items. I belong to a few of them. The best place to sell though is being in a store. There are so many Vintage Furniture Stores around these days, most of them are all on some sort of consignment. I am sure you will find your spot. Good luck!

    • Vicki

      Thanks. There is one consignment store I’ve sold at. I’ll search around for more. Do they all take a 50% cut?

  6. mj

    Lovely stuff…or it all will be when you have your way with it. But i do have one bone to pick w/ U. How would you feel if someone didn’t want to wear some item of clothing you loved while you were here, but now you are not walking the earth anymore. It’s just clothing, sweetie. It doesn’t carry “death cooties”or anything. Would you refuse good furniture junk because the owner died? I doubt it.
    There, now i’ll get off my soapbox and wish you all good things as long as you live, and plenty more good junk to rescue.


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