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Trashy Tuesday, Develop your Junk Network

Decorated from a Dumpster
If you are new to Trashy Tuesday, we talk trash.  Dumpster Junk, Curbside Shopping, and fabulous free-found items.   This week, my junk network was working. Keep reading, I am going to give you insight on how to develop your junk network too.

Sometimes I am a network of one, just “feeling” where to look for good stuff. I had a “feeling” to check my secret spot for REALLY good furniture.

I found this Drexel Mid-Century Credenza.  I am NOT painting it, but it does need some cleaning up.  All this piece really needed was a bit of a touch-up with an all-natural stain. I used Debi’s Design Diary DIY Paint Dark Patina. It’s an all-natural, water-based stain and dark top coat that can go directly over already stained wood. It’s like magic. You can thin it out, mix it with Clear Patina, or let it sit for a bit to get super concentrated.

I will not be revealing my secret spot…..

My Junk Network expands to my Mr. Red’s Trombone Teacher.  He texted me with a crib alert behind Target.

I love using Crib Springs for memo boards. But the springs are hard to find.  I found not one, but two crib springs!
dumpster found crib springs redouxinteriors
The cribs had been used for display and had not fully been ripped apart and thrown into a dumpster.  And yes, I did climb up the dumpster and debate going in.  Because it was behind Target, I opted out for a true dive.  I was also a little worried about not getting out again and yelling “help, I have fallen into a dumpster and can’t get out”.

When I did get the crib home, I took it apart. This is the sum of its parts.

Then I cut it to pieces.
Dumpster crib parts cut up in bucket redouxinteriors
I am so excited about what I have planned with this pile of crib pieces.
dumpster crib parts cut up redouxinteriors
Moving on, I found this (ugly) red glass bowl.  Painted black and some white paint for a web, this would make a craptastic Halloween bowl.
glass bowl redouxinteriors
Pair of Candlesticks anyone?
dumpster candlesticks redouxinteriors
I need this cabinet door like I need a pile of miscellaneous cabinet doors in my garage. Guess what? I have a pile of miscellaneous cabinet doors in my garage.  This door wanted to come live in the promised land of cabinet door piles.  Maybe a memo board? 
dumpster window pane cab door redouxinteriors
Illuminate yourself!  After you clean this up add a candle.  Darn, thrower outers.  They just can’t see the light.
dumpster candle lantern redouxinteriors
Here’s a Trashy Tuesday tip.  It may seem like I have a lot of good luck.  Luck has nothing to do with it.  Being aware there is a constant flow of good furniture and such being thrown out is the first step in finding good stuff.  Being aware of the amount of furniture there is for free, then honing that skill.

Develop your Junk Network.  Get into the practice of regularly “looking” as you are driving around town on your errands.  Train your children to “scan” the sides of the roads as you drive them to their activities.  It keeps them off their phones too. Tell your friends, family, co-workers and anybody you can that you like to pick up furniture and home decor off the street.  Be amazed at the thrill others get as they begin to text you with their hot tips of “desk and chair on 3rd street!”  “Dining Room Set on Pleasant Court”!!! Drop what you are doing and head directly to the tip location.  If you snooze, you lose.

The job isn’t glamorous.  But it is a great way to find furniture for free and feel like you are doing a little service to the environment while you are at it.   

Ready to Network?  Become part of my Junk Network! Sign up for my newsletter to get the latest updates on my furniture makeovers, tips and tricks on fixing up that junk, and of course, Trashy Tuesday.

Want some more junk?  Check out my Complete Guide to Dumpster Diving and get ready for my book Decorating from a Dumpster coming in January 2015.

Until then, have a totally trashy Tuesday.


  1. cassie

    oh that mcm piece!!!!! i love it!

  2. patty soriano

    Awesome credenza, Karen! I don’t have anyone to drive around, but I sure know how to scan! Show us what you’ll do with the crib parts, please.

  3. Diana

    Great finds you are the luckiest person ever on earth! LOL

  4. Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

    I can see you taking your tips on a world wide speaking tour! Of course, you would probably miss a few engagements since you’ll be trapped in a dumpster! By the way – jealous of the mid century score!!

    • GTC

      I can see my World Tour now and cities banning me because of the onslaught of their citizens rushing to dive into their dumpsters! PS I knew you would love that mid century piece! Wish I could work on it right now.

  5. Gigi Harlan

    So many great finds as usual. Craptastic? I am loving that word. Lol, I can already hear myself using it!

  6. ColleenB. ~ Texas

    you lucky, lucky gal. What wonderful finds and I love that mid century piece as well.
    The crib springs also make for a good trellis for vines to grow upon on. Twice as lucky there

  7. Beth @ MaryBethsPlace

    I am swooning over that MCM piece! Nice score – can’t wait to see what you will do with it. Thanks, as always, for keeping us thoroughly entertained!

  8. Barbara Ann

    Ok my head is already spinning with ideas on your finds. A friend called me. Restore just got a lot of vintage wooden windows. I may just have to go check them out for my shop. least I think I will.. Good Stuff
    Barbara Ann

  9. Jennifer Angelo

    I’m sure there are blogs like this all over but this is my first and now I’m thinking why the heck have I never thought to google others that might be in the treasure finding business to check out their finds(I now know how my Friday night will be spent).I am always in scanning mode on “garbage” day.All the way to and from school ,to work and back,I often….Okay,okay always make a detour on my way to where ever I may be going if I pass a subdivision on garbage day.The hubby and kid HATES it but on occasion admit how awesome I am when I bring home something cool, like the big bear laying on his back holding a perfectly fine unchipped oval slab of glass with his paws aka a kick arse coffee table .he has yet to move in but he’s awaiting his paint job which is not necessary (he’s white,I live in polar bear is a no go)but he doesn’t fit in”just yet”. Anyway(got a bit carried away)I just wanted to thank you for sharing and the inspiration!

    • GTC

      Thanks so much Jennifer! Trying to imagine the bear coffee table, that is funny!

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