Trashy Tuesday, How to Make Cardholders from Junk

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Trashy Tuesday, How to Make Cardholders from Junk
How to make cardholders from junk redouxinteriors
(note, I am enjoying the holiday season and slowing down on the blogging here. This is a recycled post, with added junk, perfect for Trashy Tuesday)
We all receive many of these cards at the holidays.  At our house, like most of you, we enjoy displaying them throughout the season.  The challenge? How to display them without them taking over your windowsill, counter top, etc.  And….you know me.  I can’t just go buy something.  It must be made with something I pulled out of a Dumpster!
Here is how to Make Cardholders from Junk
 I have been making these for years, and every year I sell out.  There are as many combinations as there are cards you receive.
I have two different ways I make these, today I am sharing Part One:
Gather your supplies:
Scrap wood, I like no wider than 16W x 4L, but you can customize to whatever you have on hand.  I use all scrap wood for these holders.
Paint of choice.  I LOVE Debi’s DIY Paints.  100% Natural Clay Based Paints, they are affordable, made int the US, have no acrylic or latex, and are the easiest furniture paints I have ever used. Literally open a can and paint.
Either Cute Decorative paper or Stencils to spell out a Christmas Message on your board.  “Ho Ho Ho”, Noel, Merry Christmas, etc.
Spools of ribbon of choice to coordinate with the colors on your board.
Sharp Scissors
Measuring tape
Hammer and small finishing nails
(yes, that really is my dried out paint encrusted hand)
Spray Paint color of choice
I start with scrap wood and paint each one in different colors, then either stencil or decoupage a cute piece of paper over the top and add a cute message by printing the words on the paper.
After the piece is dry and cured, I flip it over and lay it on a towel (this prevents the piece from scratching while you are hammering in ribbon on opposite side)
I then measure to the middle of the wood, this is where you will put the loop of ribbon to hold it on the wall.
Next, measure where you want your ribbon to go where cards will hang.  I usually start by moving in 1 inch from each end, then decide how many more ribbons I want and space them equally.
I then cut the ribbon, about three feet each.  You can go longer or shorter, depending on the look you want.
Using the finishing nails, make a loop with the short piece of ribbon (about 3 inches at most), and cross over so the outside of the ribbon is facing out.  I nail in two finishing nails to secure it.  If your wood is thinner than the nail length, just nail it in halfway, then nail it sideways until it is flush with the wood.  I find that this also better secures the ribbon from moving.
Repeat the process with the long pieces of ribbon.
Now for the Clothes Pins:
Lay a generous amount one side up and spray with color of choice.  Let dry, flip them and repeat.
When the clothes pins are dry, add them to your ribbon and hang up your sign.  You are all set for the bounty of cards you will receive now!
Ho Ho HO!
There you have it.  Now you know how to make Cardholders from Junk.
Stay tuned, I will be sharing Part Two of How To Make Cardholders from Junk soon.
Thanks for coming Trashy Tuesday, I hope you have a totally trashy week.

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  1. Anonymous

    What a unique way to display Christmas card. It would probably work for photos as well, with different words of course.

  2. Maridith @ Strictly Homemade

    Oh that is a PERFECT idea for Christmas cards. LOVE it. I will be featuring this next week on Strictly Homemade Tuesday. Thanks so much for linking up!

  3. Its So Very Cheri

    That is a great idea and super cute too. Thanks for sharing.


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  5. ColleenB. ~ Texas

    What a cute and clever idea and super way in displaying them cards
    Thank you



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