Trashy Tuesday MidCentury Madness and Market Carts

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  1. I can’t what to see what you do with that dresser and the cart, and the clock, well, everything!!!!!!

  2. Oh, how fun! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  3. You find the best stuff! Gold bar carts are very in right now. I also saw one last week at the Christmas Tree Shops painted in a high gloss royal blue – it was gorgeous! And I love that MCM dresser. I painted one last year gray & white and did an ombre effect on the drawers. You can see it here…

  4. Debby says:

    I think that cart looks like it was used for fishing… pole holders from PVC….at least that is what my husband did with his! Can’t wait to see the finished projects:)

    • GTC says:

      Debby, you and Patty I think were right on with the market cart. It didn’t smell, so I wouldn’t have guess fishing, but that would have been perfect for that.

  5. Patty Soriano says:

    wow! good stuff, Karen! Maybe the little cart with the pvc was used as a carrier for fishing paraphernalia. People use pvc pockets like this on their boats to hold their fishing poles when they aren’t holding them. The little rags may have been to wipe off fish guts… did you sniff them ? I know you…. you sniff ! 🙂

    • GTC says:

      Patty, that is probably exactly what that was used for! No, I haven’t sniffed it. But I will tomorrow……Sorry for such a delayed response! Have been traveling for the new gig with CeCe Caldwell’s and life is nutty!

  6. Carol says:

    Loving your finds! That dresser, clock and cool metal cart, I need to do more night before trash day curb shopping! Can’t wait to see their transformation!

    • GTC says:

      Thanks Carol, hopefully I will have more to share in the next day or two. Curb Side shopping and Dumpster Diving is addicting!

  7. At first glance that dresser looked like it had a cow theme going on. haha Good to know about the legal rights. 🙂

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