Trashy Tuesday The Furniture Pile

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Trashy Tuesday, The Furniture Pile

Hello, welcome to a longggggg…..overdue edition of Trashy Tuesday.  As life happens, life took over my life. But!  It did not slow down my Dumpster diving, Trash snooping, Roadkill rescue, junking ways.

I still brake for junk.

I have however, set some serious limits for myself.  I have a big garage.  BIG.  There is room enough for plenty of trash in there, some power tools, some garden equipment and my van.  I have a rule that I am proud to say, have kept to for almost a year now.

If my Van does not fit in the garage, and by fit, I mean we have to be able to open the doors and actually get out, then I can’t add anything more to the garage.

Back to that junk.  Since I haven’t posted in some time, I thought I wouldn’t do the whole junk furniture pile at once.  It might be too overwhelming.

Here are some of the highlights, would love your feed back on what YOU would do with some of this stuff!

I may have shared this a while ago, CAN’T REMEMBER.  But I dug it out of the pile thinking it’s day is due for a makeover.  Little Step stool found in a Dumpster (circa 2016 sometime) 

How awesome is this wood tote?  It has a teeny chip in it, I could touch it up with DIY Paints Dark and Decrepit Patina, which also doubles as a fantastic stain, or I could paint the whole thing in a fun pop of color from 100% Natural DIY Paints.  (By the way, have you seen the new website, it’s SO FUN). 

Why, why, why do I continue to pick up old crib parts.  I just can’t help myself.  Found next to a Dumpster a few weeks ago, I actually had to break it apart to get the parts I wanted…..for what exactly, I do not yet know.  

And here we are with the crib parts again.  I have a thing for spindles.  I have loads of spindles.  I cannot part with my spindles.  I know they will rise to live another life again, but I just haven’t figured out exactly how yet.  Here is where you can tell me what you would do with them 🙂 

Perhaps we should table this discussion about my junk.  Oh whoops.  This table is broken and our discussion would just fall right off into another pile of junk.  I did manage to save the parts.

The broken Pedestal: 

The rest of the Pedestal and the top.  Plus, there is a piece of the Apron floating around my garage (I think on my table saw…)

And speaking of FREE and Broken Tables. How about this cool little table.  Found, where else but in a Dumpster.  It needs that hole filled in on the top and some loving make over with DIY Paints, but after a little TLC, it will be as good as new.  

And notice there is a theme going here?  Those chairs were free too.  Found them a few years ago and had them reupholstered.  Those are honest to goodness real Danish Antiques that someone THREW AWAY.  The piano in this front room was also free.  I think we could say my Living Room is very liberating and allows one to feel “free”……

I found these 2 Cabinet doors on the side of the road in my neighborhood.  They were hanging out with a broken office desk and were more than happy to be liberated from their broken down compadres.  

Coffee Table anyone?  Don’t set anything down on it, it will fall through those holes.  I received a GIGANTIC load of free wood, which I will reveal next week.  I am thinking about making planks for those spots and giving it an urban Farm House look. 

That’s about it for this week.  I have to get a leg up on what I will share with you next.  As in Table Leg…

Thanks for stopping by Trashy Tuesday to see the Furniture Pile.

I hope you share with me what you would do with my junk (besides return it to the Dumpster).  Hope you all have the trashiest day.











  1. Patty Soriano

    oooh, so much delicious goodness! Love the little stepstool at the top. do you know why some of them have those oblong holes in the top ? I mean, it’s dangerous….you could get your high heel caught! I also have a crib I curb shopped and I imagined it for a bench. I also have a huge inventory of spindles. So much to do, so little time!

    • GTC

      Hi Patty! I think those stools have those little holes so little hands can pick them up and move them to where they need to them to be. It is kind of strange though!

      Share with me your crib to bench makeover! I love those kinds of projects. If you do something with your spindles, I would love to know. I see so many ideas, and probably just need to start! Thank you as always for stopping by to comment on my junk 🙂

      • Patty Soriano

        But why can’t they pick up the stool like we pick up stools without the holes ??? By the edge….by the leg…. funny. I have not made the bench yet. I have plenty saved on my pinterest page, but I’ll have to get my hubby involved. I am just not yet comfortable with power tools. You girls that can do it all …. I am amazed by you! Like Larissa on Prodigal Pieces. She can rock it! Some of the spindles may have to become legs on an enamel-top table. Others may be painted all sorts of colors then topped with a bird house. or a cup and saucer for a bird feeder. I just need to start DOING! Love your blog. Will never give it up like I have some others. People might think I’m weird for picking things up on trash day, but I know that I am in VERY good company! See ya !

  2. Leigh Garrett

    Looks like great stuff to me. I like spindles too. I am making a few blanket ladders with old spindles. Have fun.

  3. Gillian Milburn

    I like the idea of using the crib parts almost ‘as is’ on a wall in a closet to hang scarves or belts from; or the inside of a linen closet door to hang rugs, table runners or tablecloths from (does anyone use tablecloths any more)?
    A spindle could be adapted (possibly with small hooks) to hang necklaces from, or with one open end to slide them (or bracelets) on and off
    Bathroom towel rail
    Hung down from a kitchen ceiling for hanging pots and pans, or on a porch to hang plants. Or on a porch as a bit of a privacy screen (not sure how it would go outside as I’m sure it is soft wood)


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