1. Love it Karen! I think I may have to switch from traditional stain to CeCe Caldwell’s stain with Endurance – save my health & save the extra step of adding a topcoat. Thank you!

    • GTC says:

      Thank you for stopping by Vicki! Definitely try the CeCe Caldwell’s stain. I will never go back to any other chemical stain again.

  2. Mary Lyman says:

    BEAUTIFUL! I love that the staining is so easy! Now, do you have any tricks about stripping a piece with lots of paint? 🙂

    • GTC says:

      Hi Mary. I wish I had some good short cuts for stripping something with a lot of paint! I used to use a natural stripper that was made my Zinnser, but I can’t find it now, even in a thorough internet search. The other natural strippers I have tried do not work very well. The best suggestion I can give you is Jasco, but use in a very well ventilated area and wear chemical gloves and protective eyewear. It will take off about 1 or 2 coats at a time. I suggest using a product called After Wash to get the residue of the paint and stripper up too. Good luck!

  3. Love love love you quick revamp! Also the quick tip about the shop vac and the sander.


  4. Jessica says:

    Wow, I did not know cece Caldwell paints have a stain line….I am starting to find out more about them and I like it! Your piece turned out beautiful, don’t you just love a good MCM piece? Good job!

  5. Victoria Kay says:

    I am so impressed by this little diy and I’m so looking forward to giving it a shot on my own little mid century modern rescue. Crossing my fingers it goes as well as yours.

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