Trashy Tuesday Trashy Makeovers

It’s been a while!  And oh my,  do I have a lot of junk to trash talk with you.

Do you remember   Actually, it’s a twin.  I found 2 of them a few months ago when someone in my neighborhood was moving.  They so nicely left a whole bunch of trash in a Giant Dumpster and these 2 buckets were things I pulled out.  

I painted them using the The Turquoise Iris method.  At DIY Paint, we call it #Do The Dionne.  Dionne of The Turquoise Iris is a master at blending DIY Paint with a water bottle and a few tricks.  I painted this bucket with DIY Paint in Summer Crush, Marquis and Queen Bee.  I used a Water Bottle to make the paint blend, while it was still wet, then tipped the bucket both ways to get that effect.  I finished it off with Clear and Dark Wax.

Do you remember this gross stool I found one morning on my usual Dumpster Searches?  It has a new life!

I painted the Trashy Stool in DIY Paint in Old ’57 and that cute Vintage Truck?  I used a stencil and painted that in DIY Paint Queen Bee.

Do you remember all the frames I showed you?  You can even check out a FB Live I did and take a tour of my garage, including the frames! GARAGE TOUR! 

I #Did The Dionne here too!  I used DIY Paint Boho Blue, Pedal Pusher and Clear and White Wax.  I also just painted the glass that was in the frame with DIY Little Black Dress.  It was so easy!

In the news of the free, my neighbor was redoing their fence, and guess who got all the old boards????  Thank goodness for Suffering Husband to move them all from our neighbor’s front lawn to the side of our house! 

I got a hot tip from my Junk Network that this piece of furniture was on the sidewalk for free!  The chest is really cool, it has great hardware and beautiful details.  I respectfully left the lampy/candley thing for someone else.  I like to be generous with the junk.

And last but not least!  You never know what you are going to find when you are out on a walk with your dog.  It was trash day and someone had dumped a Plate Holder.  I took it home, gave it a few coats of spray paint and off it went for sale at my space at Consignment Envy in Brentwood, CA.

That’s it for this weeks Trashy  Tuesday Makeovers. What kind of trash did you find this week?  Share the junk love, I want to hear about it!

And for even more junk, be sure to subscribe to my blog to get the latest on all my trashy makeovers. Check me out on Facebook!  I just updated my header with a little video showing some highlights of my Trashy Tuesday adventure.

Hope you have a totally Trashy Week. 





  1. Patty Soriano

    Karen, I’m not seeing a picture of the chest and lampy / candle thingey. Is it there ?

    • ColleenB.~ Tx.

      Patty to see the dresser clink on the link ‘junk network’ which is located under the picture of the pile of wood and it will take you to the dresser as well as the other items she mentioned.

      Wish I lived closer, as I would snap up that plate stand.
      What you done to that little stool is adorable and such a cute item to have in a little boys room.
      So lucky of you to receive all them gorgeous fence boards.


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