Upcycle a Bookshelf to a Rolling Cart

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Upcycle a Book Shelf to a Rolling Cart.

Happy Trashy Tuesday! I don’t have a new project to share with you today, BUT, I do have some good Dumpster Finds.

And they were my favorite kind this week.  Not one, but two Dumpster Finds.

The first IS a rolling cart already.  Complete with 2 drawers, towel hangers on each side.  Sadly, someone took all the sides and inside out.  Very strange.  Usually the drawers break before everything else.  These drawers are made well, not just glued but have Dove Tail Construction. 

I have plenty of old Fence Boards and Scrap wood lying around.  I am sure I will be able to find the right reclaimed wood for this upcycled cart.

Onto Rolling piece of Junk #2.  The Real Bookshelf wanting to be made into a Rolling Cart.  It’s in a sad state as you can see.  It is SO hard from me to resist that FREE Sign.  As you know from THIS POST, Free Furniture is one of my love languages.

This Bookshelf will need a new back (plenty of Luon lying around for that).  Some Gluing, Check! Have plenty of Gorilla Wood Glue.  I am thinking a Reclaimed Wood Top like I showed in THIS POST and VIDEO where I actually cut a Bookshelf in half and made this Awesome Rolling Cart.

The Dumpster Found Cart has plastic wheels.  Not a bonus.  But easily replaceable with cooler looking casters.  Maybe even something like these from Amazon?

Am also going to need some decent filler.  I use Dap Compound for just about everything.  I like it because it dries fast, dries hard and you can layer it.  Dap is Pink when you first put it on, then dries white, you will know it is dry when it is totally white.  TIPS!  If you have a big hole to fill, you can mix it with sawdust.  Layer it too.  Allow each layer to dry fully before blobbing more on.  When the Dap is still moist, wipe away the excess, thus saving yourself a bunch of unnecessary  sanding after the project is completed.

I had hoped to have time to work on one of these projects, but we have been BUSY at DIY Paint.  I would love your suggestions to what color I should paint one of the Upcycled Bookshelf.  You can check out my display at Consignment Envy.

If you want to pick up some DIY Paint for yourself, you can find your nearest retailer at DIYPaint.co or order online HERE.

That’s it for this week of Trashy Tuesday.  I hope you have a totally Trashy week. 




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