How to Make a New Crate Look Old

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  1. Jan says:

    I have seen crates used in several different ways in indoor and outdoor home decor which is something I would never have thought of until I started watching HGTV, LOL. Right now I’m re-watching for the umpteenth time Sabrina Soto’s old series “The High/Low Project,” and crates were used for decorative accessories in several episodes. I also remember seeing Monica Mangin on the old Lowe’s series where she decorated a space over a weekend with homeowners/renters and showed them how to DIY (on Youtube) use crates stacked together to create book/display storage and a desk space arrangement. Also seen other creatives use crates screwed into walls in cool patterns to create storage for books and display things. Just really cool stuff. Your crate doesn’t look “fake” aged, which I find amazing just itself. The hardware really looks rusted. I keep looking at it and thinking “wow.” The wheeled crate would work really well on my patio to hold the few veggies I plant every season, and easy to maneuver. I was also happy to read that you still dumpster dive 🙂

  2. Kaessa says:

    Your videos are always fun and spirited🙂
    This is beautiful and quite creative, thanks for taking the time to share!!

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