How to Makeover a Curio Cabinet & Small Junk

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How to Makeover a Curio Cabinet

If you have followed me for a while, or you are new here and have found that I love junk, you would be correct! I have spent years Dumpster Diving and making over all kinds of old stuff. Recently I scored a large haul of small stuff and small furniture. My friend was moving out of state and had a gigantic Barn Sale. One of the things I came home with was this old Curio Cabinet. It was mostly together, but the finish had issues.

Curio Cabinet Before

This was the before, not too bad. I needed to take off the back, and sand out those scratches, but before I did any of that, it needed to be cleaned. It was DIRTY! I keep a continuous mister full of my favorite all natural cleaning solution next to my work area. I love Humble Suds 100% Natural cleaner. One little bottle will fill up two of these continuous misters.

After the piece was cleaned up. I took the back off, and removed the shelves, they fit together like puzzle pieces! Painted the interior with DIY Paint in Vintage Linen and the outside with Little Black Dress. I love how easy DIY Paint is to use. 100% natural means there is no smell, it forms a hard bond with anything you paint it on and it’s so easy to use.

You can see the entire process here on my YouTube Video

BONUS! I also show I made over an Old Pitcher and a tabletop mirror.

Finishing up the Curio Cabinet

I love the all-natural finishing products from DIY Paint. Most top coats and waxes are full of chemicals. The DIY Paint topcoats are all natural and extremely durable. I decided to go with Clear Liquid Patina for this project as I loved the beautiful shine it has when it is dry. Just wait for your paint to dry, use a 220 grit or 320 grit piece of sandpaper to lightly smooth the surface. Clean off the paint dust with a damp rag and apply Clear Patina. You can use a foam brush or a nylon bristle brush. Just clean really well with Soap and Water when you are finished.

Liquid Patina will go on with a Milky look, but will dry totally clear.

The Finished Curio Cabinet

I am not normally a Knick Knack Paddy Whack kind of gal, but something about this Curio Cabinet just spoke to me. I knew it could look so beautiful if given a good cleaning and makeover. I love the finished look! I bought some inexpensive Foam Pumpkins from Hobby Lobby and I think they finish off the Curio Cabinet Makeover perfectly.

If you like this makeover, please let me know in the comments! Let me know if you have a Curio Cabinet or other piece of furniture that is maybe needing a painted makeover, I would love to hear about it!


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