Dumpster Dresser Gets a Brand New Look

Roadside dresser Without Drawers Done!  It’s been done for a while now, from the archives today!

I should have told myself this before I began this project.

dresser without drawers and free crates found in dumpster redouxinteriors.com

Remember THIS?

My friend called to tell me it was in the middle of her road so I couldn’t resist the siren song of the dumped furniture!!! It was missing drawers, so immediately, I thought it would be an easy fix.  Knock out the drawer supports, put a shelf in, maybe do my little casters trick….voila, new dresser!

Whoa, was I wrong?  Rule of furniture Redouxing.  The more staples a piece has, the worse it was made.  This piece was made of staples.  I pulled out hundreds of them, maybe even thousands.

The good news is, when I was finished pulling it all apart, I put it back together more solidly than it had ever dreamed of being in the factory it came from. I did a lot of reinforcing.

Along the way, I made quite a few mistakes….I banged the top edge of this and had to sand it smooth and fill it in a bit.

I also thought I could use some leftover shelf pieces to make the new shelf.  Just cut it down a bit.  What?  My table saw won’t cut it because it is so thick, and I don’t have the right blade.  Why didn’t someone tell me this before I did this?

Now that the piece was solid, what to do for a paint finish?  I wanted to go sort of industrial chic, so sprayed the top with Aluminum Spray Paint, then I used a poky thing, the name of which right now escapes my tired brain….to distress it a bit, poke it a bunch of times in certain areas to make it look like wormwood.

After the paint had dried, I glazed it with a Tobacco Brown tinted glaze for an old look. I topped it with DIY Paint Big Top Brush on Finish for an extra durable top.  This piece can be used for food service now, too, as it is water resistant, and the finish is hard.

Now, I turned my sights to the body of the piece.  I wanted to try something new.  I used three containers.  I put about a half cup of DIY Paint in Skeleton Key, 1/2 cup of DIY Paint in Prom Queen in another, and then third, straight water.

A cup filled with DIY Paint Skeleton Key is just Yummy!!!

Skeleton Key

I started by dipping the brush in the water, then the Skeleton Key, then the Prom Queen.  I painted the entire piece with this.  When it dried, I did the reverse.  I painted the whole piece and the drawers using a “cross hatch” method for more texture.  I glazed the entire piece with the same glaze and then waxed it with DIY Paint 100% Natural Clear Wax.

Remember these boxes I found in my favorite dumpster a long time ago?

I still had some left!  I painted them DIY Paint in Vintage Linen, one thinned coat, then did the wax paper transfer method for the numbers, added the knobs, and this piece is ready to roll.  Literally!

Check out the bottom, too, I added trim to cover the scrap wood.  I had a bunch that I found, guess where…..a Dumpster!

Even though this dresser started in humble beginnings, it now has quite a bit of dignity.  It is solid. I gave it the shake-and-roll test.  Nothing gives.  It is as green as a piece can be, made of almost all recycled materials, and painted with 100% Natural DIY Paint. Wouldn’t you feel good having this in your home?  This piece sold and went to a sweet family who were using it in their nursery; that made me so happy!


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