Trashy Tuesday The Junk Circle of Life

Dumpster Diving Diaries, Le Junque

  1. ColleenB. ~ Texas says:

    Out with the old and incoming of the new. You now have a nice clean; ( ‘mostly as U put it) garage for you to start all over again. Oh, if only I lived closer. It would had been like a Great Fun Christmas shopping for me.
    Wait right after Christmas, the items that people will be throwing away. It’s amazing the ornaments, artificial trees, etc. that my son-in-law has found for me.

    :} you look the way I do when I clean out my garden shed :}
    Enjoy your day and have a wonderful evening.
    Can’t wait to see your next treasures that you find in and around the dumpsters.

    • GTC says:

      Colleen, I love after Christmas Dumpster Diving. I was telling my husband how I was curbing my habits and he reminded me how good the post Christmas Junk finding is! Not just Christmas stuff, but everything! Hope you are having a beautiful holiday season 🙂

  2. chris aka monkey says:

    oh you dirty girl ha ha but look at the smile on your face must have been a good day…i so enjoy your blog, i am a little to old now to go diving any more so i live through you hope you don’t mind xx

  3. Susan says:

    Good for you! I had to do it too! I don’t have quite as much as you, but needed to make room in the garage for the snow blower and got rid of all the free pieces I had. They were there for far too long to feel bad about setting them back into the wild.

  4. Vicki says:

    I filled my garage with “junk” finds since August and also had to empty it before the first snowfall here in New England. I can’t wait to start up again in March!!!!

  5. Barbara Ann says:

    How I feel you…I to have a problem.. I pick up items with thoughts of granduor on what I’m going to make, create & paint. Alas, some if it is still on my patio that was once a very nice outdoor room. Complete with outdoor kitchen and a TV. I just got a rude awakening, we live in a condo and all our units are going to be painted. I need to get this stuff out of here. At least for the time being. I revisited what I had. It was like finding treasures all over again..with the exception of a few things. I think a little critter made a home in one of my cabinets. I found mounds of droppings. Out it went…So I borrowed a neighbors garage, stored items in a old van we have. And covering up other pieces that can stay out. But for at least the last 3 months I have curbed (haha) my picking. As soon as the painting is done. I will get started and paint these items and list them for sale. I Promise!!
    Barbara Ann

  6. Catherine says:

    A lady I met at Haven told me that all that gOOd junk waiting its turn at reinvention is just a garage full of gOOd ideas. Ooooh. I’ve had to do some clean up too after that realization!
    Maaaan, you put out some gOOd junk! I might have slipped if I lived close! ; D

  7. It’s always such a great feeling to clear out the excess isn’t it? It sneaks up on you little by little until one day you turn around, or should I say literally trip over something, and say, where did all this stuff come from?

  8. Fonda Rush says:

    No matter what “IT” is, we must keep the cycle going. Junk or money or time. When you keep the cycle going, your turn comes up again and again.

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