Trashy Tuesday Digging for Junk

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Trashy Tuesday Digging for Junk

Best Junk Dig Ever
Happy Trashy Tuesday!  I have been Digging for Junk.  Literally!  About a week ago I got a text from friends who have recently relocated to “land” in the country from “suburban home” in my neighborhood.   Along with having more space, they also inherited a lot of Junk.

I was invited to come pick through their stuff.  And oh my goodness, was it amazing.  Piles and Piles and boxes and boxes of surprises.  One whole section of the yard was FREE!  Most of it was junk beyond junk, but how fun is Free?

In exchange for the Flat Bed Trailer that the previous owner was going to remove, they bought the trailer and all the trash that came with the property.  And some of it is really, really amazing junk.  

Where to start.  I captured the first part of my dig on FB live, you can get right in the junk digging with me by clicking here.  Tour of my Junk Dig! 

I cannot believe what I found, and I think you won’t either.  Ready?  Let’s dig in to the piles.

Here is my pile of goodies I started accumulating. 

Too bad this Sewing Table was way beyond repair and salvage.  I didn’t have the time to take it apart and save the base, but I scored a lot of those chairs behind it! 

In another trailer left on the property, anything in it was up for grabs as well.  There was a nice collection of Ash Trays from old Las Vegas Casinos, which is really cool if you collect them.  (I don’t).  Lots and lots of rusty parts, old magazines, boxes of nothing and this leg brace! 

In the free pile, I found some China that will go with my pattern, more in the box of misc free. 

I dismantled some very crumbly chairs to save the chair parts. 

These Clip boards are so cool.  Not sure what to do with them yet.  

I made out with about 3 of these boxes.  Too bad, there were lots, but most were broken. 

Tons of Frames, large and small.  Here is a sampling of the best of them. 

And one of my favorites of all.  My friends let me into one of their outbuildings.  These Antique Door knobs were in a pile of junk in a box.  

In another part of the yard, there were barrels full of old fence posts.  Literally 100’s of them.  I went through and grabbed as many as I could that were salvageable.  

Piles and Piles of chairs.  14 chairs in total to be exact. 

My total cash out of pocket was $40! Here’s my van!  I was the only girl on the scene.  The rest were manly men, mostly picking for Rusty Farm old Farm Equipment, tools and large scale junk.  

They could have cared less about the furniture.  The pile next to my van was huge and they were telling me there was no way I was going to get it one trip.  How wrong they were! 

Now, my van BARELY fits in the garage.  I cannot possibly stuff one more thing in there.  If I don’t start unloading some of this junk and stat, my garage will officially be declared a Fire Hazard and a Junk Dig all on its own.

I have more furniture than I know what to with and I can’t wait to break out my Debi’s Design Diary DIY Paint.  It is perfect for the piles and piles for Furniture I have to make over!

That is enough for this Trashy Tuesday Digging for Junk!  Hope you have a totally Trashy week.

PS News Flash!  While I was writing this post, Suffering Husband texted me with this dresser he found.  He met me at the site….Of course there is NO more room in the garage. I have been wanting a new dresser for my bedroom.   Stay tuned for the next episode of Trashy Tuesday where I share the dresser, plus MORE junk I haven’t trash talked about yet!





  1. ColleenB.~Texas

    What a great pile of junk…………………….. treasures for repurposing.
    Girl, you need to go back and get them sewing tables. Yes the wood is beyond repair but remove all that old wood and save the bottom to repaint and put a whole new top on it. A friend done one for me and repainted the iron petal etc. all black and put a cedar top on it and I use it as a bedside table stand. It is absolutely gorgeous.
    If I had been there I would had snapped them up in a heart beat.
    All and all tho you done pretty darn good

  2. Vicki Westbrook

    Wow, what a haul, your husband must be a sweetheart! I love the old doorknobs, the wooden boxes, frames, fencing and of course the chair parts! I really can’t believe you got all of the in your van either. I would’ve been right there digging alongside you as well. I’m sure you’ll think of something awesome to make with each one of your junky finds!

  3. Patty Soriano

    WOWZA! You weren’t kidding about the chairs! Nice! I think I would have had to have that sewing machine base though. I just adore those! A great haul for you, Karen. I bet you could have made two or three trips, huh ? What great friends to have.

  4. Shelly

    Wow! Lucky duck! All that wood, in all its forms. Awesome. I really really like the clip boards. You could add a bunch of 8×10 pictures or make a home for all of the keys tho clip onto; our a place tho keep children’s artwork, adding the next creation on top. Gorgeous doorknobs too!


    Oh, how much rubbish! I think this is too much when the yard is littered with things that in theory may be needed

  6. Tracey Bradshaw

    I love it. Just my type of trashure. Our garage is so full that there is no room for the car so I really need to start chipping away at my collection. It’s so sad when things are just left outside to rot when they could be given a new life by someone like yourself. I see so many things rusting away to nothing, but the owners won’t part with them.

  7. Judy Montague

    Great stuff-looks like you need some of my stash to complement your pickings! I would be more than happy to bring you some. Or better yet, you could bring your vehicle and fill it up from mine, as it looks like you’re “back in the saddle again”… Let me know, anytime! Judy Montague



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