The Best Way To Find Free Furniture

Dumpster Diving Diaries, Le Junque

  1. Patty Soriano says:

    Karen, what is that wonderful looking cabinet in the first picture at the top of the dumpster….toward the back. Looks like the highest thing in there. ??? You didn’t get that ???

    • GTC says:

      No! That’s so funny you spotted it! It was way at the top of the pile, I could have retrieved it by climbing up the ladder on the other side, but the top of it was broken and I just didn’t have the heart to add more broken and hard to get stuff to my stash 🙂

      • Patty Soriano says:

        I look everywhere ! Steve says I’d be a good CSI.

        • GTC says:

          Patty I think you are my soul sister. My eyes are ALWAYS scouting the roads and in corners, etc wherever I go. That’s how you find the good stuff!

          • Patty Soriano says:

            I wish you were nearby. It would be fun to go hunting with you! Are you in California, Karen? I can’t recall right now. If so, are you clear of the fires ?

  2. Michelle says:

    I would so love to do a free furniture search in my area, but I worry about 1) being arrested 2) being on video, being arrested 3) being shown on local tv for doing #1 & 2 ! 🙂 ~ we have local dump sites here since I live out in the “country” I say that losely since we are only 10 min from the city limits, but they will not allow you to take anything out of the dumpsters, some of the things I have seen in there just kill me, such good items going to the dump/trash that could be saved. I will stop and pick up curb items and stuff along the road though, I really enjoy your posts and ideas, keep them coming!

    • GTC says:

      That is so funny about fear of being caught on TV Dumpster Diving! I totally feel your pain about seeing really good things in City Dumpsters, the Dump itself! I don’t know what the laws are where you live, but many states have a pretty hands off approach to Dumpster Diving. Unless the Dumpsters are on private property and expressly states “No Dumpster Diving” most laws consider it “public property”, and the trash in the Dumpsters no longer belongs to anyone. I have on occasion been berated by someone thinking they are doing a public service by making sure that perfectly good Dresser that someone threw in the Dumpster, STAYS in the Dumpster and makes it a land fill 😉

  3. Lavern says:

    Thank you for this educational & inspirational story! I’m a senior & I have time to do this. I’m always looking for stuff to clean up and sell at my garage sales–we made $1,000 with eBay and garage sales in the past month! For me, the best finds ate sitting next to dumpsters at big apartment complexes. Also, our U-Haul store has an area where people can cast off anything they no longer want–like furniture & decor. Picking is good here in the desert. (from Grandma Bunny in Phoenix).

    • GTC says:

      Hi Lavern! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! What a wonderful new hobby/business you have created for yourself and how cool you are making so much money on EBay and Garage Sales! I am going to have to check out our local U-Haul locations to see if any of them have some junk laying around! And you are right, Apartment Dumpsters are often Gold mines! Keep up the good Junking!

  4. SH says:

    You are a furniture-saving, redouxing, super hero/rock star!

  5. Florence says:

    Climbing in a dumpster is not something I would do at my age, but not b/c I wouldn’t want to, mind you. Physically it just wouldn’t be possible, but I’ve found plenty of other good free stuff…like an old Victrola on the side of the road. I’m almost finished with it & it’s gonna be good. Carry on sista!

  6. Jody says:

    Yes unfortunately we are not allowed to take anything off a lawn or a dumpster. Afraid bed bugs I suppose but gosh it was a picnic table he said I could have. Cop said no and a $50 ticket. I snuck out at 3AM and hauled it home anyway.

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