The Garage Made of Junque

Furniture and Cabinetry Redouxs, Le Junque

It’s here!!!  My workspace made almost entirely of junque is finally ready for le debut.

If you have been here a while, then you know how OUTOFCONTROL that part of my home can be.

The last few months have been almost unbearable.  Emma and I both have tried to work in there.  We could barely walk in there!  Last week, we spent the first day completely taking apart the massive furniture cube and photographing each and every piece.  Here it is again if you missed it at Trashy Tuesday yesterday.

We started pulling things out of my bookshelves and grouping like items.

Then we pulled the old workbench that I had found for free, outside.  It is now a potting bench!

The day we started our project, I actually found this huge dresser, without drawers.  I brought it home, not even thinking it would be replacing my old workbench.  Emma and I realized it would make perfect storage for the dozens of things we use.  A six inch high container fits in it perfectly!  Emma knocked all the drawer supports out.  We then set to putting all like minded things together, and put them in containers.  We haven’t labeled them yet, we are sort of waiting to see how we “live” with it. This is the sort of before:

To increase the size of the work top.  We used all junque wood.  Cut them to fit and screwed them down to the top of the dresser.

We cut a piece of peg board down, one went over the work bench:

And one went on the side.  Perfect place for my brushes!

Which leads me to my paint…….I used all scrap wood, from wood I had found for free!  And shelf supports I had found for free!  We moved all my CeCe Caldwell’s products to the shelves to separate them from all the other paint products and things I have on hand.  The shelves are painted in CeCe’s Santa Fe Turquoise.

I used medium sized garbage cans on wheels to corral long pieces of scrap wood, old drawer fronts and trim:

There was room between the new work bench and the existing shelving to store frames, mirrors and long items like shutters  (all this stuff was constantly leaning against spare wall space and I could never see what I actually owned:

Oh yes, and that rug????  I found that rug the morning we were starting the project too!  I turned down a different street than I normally do after dropping kids at school.  It was shoved into someone’s recycling bin?????  I actually am in the process of Redouxing the rug with a drop cloth, will share that next week!

Now for the after of the work bench!  I painted the work top with a wash of CeCe’s Destin Gulf Green.  The base, I painted a mix of Kissimee Orange and Traverse City Cherry to get that gorgeous Coral color.

And here is what I see when I go to work in the morning!

I would say that is a vast improvement from my previous view:

And just for added Showoffness today.  Here is how the shelves look for all my other stuff:

And finally, just so everyone knows.  This is a paint shop.  It says so on this official form I picked up out of a dumpster about a year ago.  But my name is not Roland, and only have one son…..

Because I am so very proud of my garage, and prideful in general, I thought I would show it off at these parties:


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  1. Lauren

    Your garage looks fabulous!

  2. sharleen

    I like the use of the dresser and the carpet. Looking goooooooood.

  3. Deanna

    I LOVE it!!!! You did a fantastic job. Gives me hope for my “shop”. If you ever think of getting rid of your lil’ sign, I would love it. My husband’s name IS Roland : ) Beautiful space ~


  4. Fran

    Great job! I am very proud of you and Emma. It all looks perfect:)

  5. Bliss

    I can’t help but think of all the wonderful stuff you were able to do with a messy garage, so pressure is on now for even more great stuff now that you can spin circles and two step at your work bench.


  6. cassie

    WAHOO!!!! way to go karen and emma! control the junque- don’t let the junque control you!

  7. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.

    Your garage comes awesome Karen – so neatly organized! What a great space to work!

  8. Lori

    Magnificent!!! LOVE IT!!!

  9. Catherine

    Hey Rolando~ gOOd job! ; D

  10. Teresa

    Wow, now that’s some inspiration! Looks great!

  11. Cynthia

    I just love your blog! You have such a sense of creativity, humor and joy. Keep up the fantastic job!

  12. Suffering Husband

    Does this mean I have organize the crap on my desk?
    I got away with a lot of mess on the theory it was not as awful as the garage.
    Darn you Emma.

  13. Susan

    You should be proud! I’m just amazed that you painted your workbench! Seriously it looks great! – Susan

  14. karin

    COME DO MINE!!!! although, I don’t think I can even get into my stuff because of the SNOW…:)
    It looks awesome!

  15. Susan@parisfleamarket,

    No really Emma, Come do mine ……I am not far away! Lunch and snacks included with your pay. many hugs and a OH THANK YOU TOO. Now that the weather is nice I am ready to really get out there and paint!

  16. Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

    Wow Roland -you are one organized gal now! Fate was on your side with that dresser – you make a lovely couple!

  17. Cheri Block

    Do you really pick up all these things from dumpsters? How does one even get starting with scouring the neighborhood looking for these awesome things? I am so jealous of what you get and what you do with it!

  18. Roeshel

    Someone’s been spring cleaning! It feels so good to get things organized, doesn’t it? I always wonder why I procrastinate. Looks like a great place to get creatively productive! Hurray! 🙂

  19. julie bugs

    The rug adds a great touch! Also, it will be easier on the back and joints to have a little padding underfoot. I recommend getting a nice thick pad to put underneath. Then it will make it extra cushy!

  20. keya

    I cannot believe what you did with your space. In an effort to park in the garage (it is waaaaay to cold here to park outside for the winter – that is reserved for toughies like my hubby) I just took everything that was crowding my space and piled it onto my hubbies. It is a disaster in there, full to the rafters – but at least I’m parking in there. In the winter I have to paint in the basement anyway…

  21. Liisa

    Look at you go! It looks really good. 🙂



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