Welcome to Trashy Tuesday…..Not So Trashy around here today!  I have kept to my promise and picked up NOT ONE piece of furniture this week.  (I did pick up a few little Christmas odds and ends I found this morning at one of my Apartment Dumpster runs, but will save that for next week).

I have been in the process of detrashing my garage.  Junque Yes.  Trash non.  One of my problems I encounter is not enough work surface space.  I spread things out everywhere. Then have no landing spot for my stuff to go back to when I am finished with them for the day.  Since I am On a Roll this week, see  Just Add Wheels.  I am sharing how to take a large, ugly old Dining table and make it into a fabulous Work Table that rolls!

I started with this table that was basically given to me by a friend who was having a clearing house of garage sale stuff.  She gave me huge armfuls of decorative items for $5 if I would haul this table away.  It sat in my garage for a bit until I could finally give it it’s proper makeover.

This is what you saw recently.  The table is sort of incognito…

I turned the table upside down and added scrap wood to either side.  This provides more stability for the casters, and increases my under table storage area. 

Are the wheels turning in your head?

I added some more scrap wood along the bottom, nothing fancy.  I didn’t even bother screwing the middle pieces down, just secured them Gorilla Wood Glue (love this stuff) and loaded things on. I wanted the table to be a cheery, fun  place to work, but I knew the top would get thrashed.  I mixed one part CeCe Caldwell’s Emerald Isle Green with two parts Maine Harbor Blue (thanks Emma for that tip).  It made this gorgeous, vibrant Turquoise.

I put long nails into one side of the table.  I can never have enough brushes close at hand, now they are literally, right with me!

Travis (aka Mr. Red) wanted to give it a test drive right away.  He painted the frame of some of my recently acquired Junk Deer Art. 

I was so excited about having a designated work space in my garage, with my car in there too!!!  I went a little overboard and like a good school kid, laid out my “work” for the next day.


If you want to see more of my rolling work, check out my work bench on wheels I made from a Shipping Pallet!




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  1. cassie

    this is such a smart idea and it looks awesome in its new fun color!

  2. Kim

    Thank for this great inspirational piece. I love the hooks to hang paintbrushes. I wouldn’t have to hang them from the rafters in the basement anymore!

  3. Jan

    Of course I love it…

    My “only” regret in life is that pallets won’t fit into my back seat OR my trunk! So it will be with great envy that I read your upcoming pallet table post.

    But—in related news—my roof was totaled in a hail storm in the spring so I will be getting a new roof soon. And roofing materials are delivered on wood pallets! WooHoo!


    • GTC

      Great question! I think it depends on the kid. I knew my son would enjoy painting, but I used to pay him to help me “prep” pieces. Little by little, I had him help with painting. Now he loves doing his own projects. My girls are creative too, but they are not so interested in painting.

  4. Carol Lindberg

    You go, girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will enjoy your work station for a long time to come.

  5. Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

    I need that – but first I need to clear a space in my garage but I’m scared I might get a concussion when things topple on me!

  6. Robin

    Love the table! Your organized work space is an inspiration!

  7. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.

    Look at you getting all organized!

  8. Edie Marie

    Fabulous idea! Many people have an old kitchen or dining table lurking around. This is a great repurpose idea for them. The paint brushes are perfect hanging at the end of the table… no searching and searching for “where did I put that brush after the last time I used it?”.

    Blessings, Edie Marie

  9. Funky Junk Interiors

    Man… such a genius and obvious thing to do with a table, yet something I never would have put together. The casters and storage are big time key! Thanks for sharing this! I’ve featured you on I Love That Junk and various other places today. 🙂

  10. Joselyn @The DIY Spot

    Like your work table and I can so relate. My garage is a disaster. I had to stop thrifting and picking up cast offs. No place to work or park my car. Slowly, I am donated,, had a couple of garage sales and, unfortunately, had to toss some things. I have a little space to work now but not much but I’m determined to return it to the former work space it once was.

  11. Shelly from MinettesMaze

    This is sooo simple and genius!!!!!!! It’s one of those “why didn’t I think of that”. deff would help dragging one unit out for everything vs one piece at a time!! Thanks for sharing this on DIY Sunday Showcase!! I’m pinning this one to our board!!


  12. Sherri @ Painted Vintage

    Wow!! Thanks for sharing over at That DIY Party!! This is going on my “MUST-DO” list!! 🙂

  13. kim@toomuchtime

    Why yes, that is my garage and I had no idea you snuck over here to photograph it:) I have an old dining table out there right now, maybe this should be it’s new job!

  14. Paula@SweetPea

    It was so smart of you to create a work station in your garage. I’m sure you’ve really enjoyed using this. Thanks for sharing it with Throwback Thursday!

  15. Denyse @ Glitter, Glue & Paint

    Ha-Ha!! I couldn’t get past you asking if this was my garage. It looks just like mine. Too funny!!! The table looks great. Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday.


  16. Shaun Roney

    This is fabulous! I have a table that was donated that is almost the same shape and color…a little worse for wear. I’m going to see if I can’t make a few of your improvements and use in my garage. Thanks for the idea!



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