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  1. cassie says:

    you crack me up- and can school just start next week? 😉
    love the overhead lighting- it’s awesome!

    • GTC says:

      I love to bring a little laughter to people’s day 🙂 Yes, for us, school does start Monday! We have “modified traditional”. Shorter summer, three 2 week breaks throughout the year. I love that silly light too. Now I just wish I could find another basket light circa 1975!

  2. Lamar Lambert says:

    Just don’t plug in that basket lamp while you are wearing it as your crown!

  3. Bridgette says:

    Your finds are amazing!! I especially love the lamp shade that you you got rid of and now it’s just the metal shape! SO cool!!


  4. Dorth says:

    Your son is soon cute.

  5. Diana says:

    Thanks for the laughs, I needed that today! I still can’t believe what you find it is amazing.

  6. Laura Strack says:

    Manny or Bust – Love the splatters! Your desk looks awesome. You certainly can’t purchase one that sturdy these days. Did you paint the top too? It looks like a Formica? The paint doesn’t chip off or did you prime it first? Thanks for all the Queen advice 🙂

    • GTC says:

      Thank you so much Laura. I did paint the top, I didn’t put any kind of finish on it though. The paint does not chip because it is 100% natural chalk and clay based, not latex, no acrylic, nothing to chip. However, it can wear away if you don’t put a sealer over it. CeCe Caldwell’s carries a product now made for high traffic protection called Endurance. I love it. I even used it on my stairs in my Black and White Stairs post. And nope, no priming. The paint bonds with whatever surface you are painting…usually, if it is really slick, you might consider a primer.

      • Laura Strack says:

        I have used CeCe Caldwell’s paint and love it. Chalk paint is da-bomb! Thanks for the Tip about the new sealer – Endurance. Can’t wait to try it out!! That’s great news to me. My Sister found a cool cabinet that she wants to paint and I am going to send her over here to look around and specifically at your fabulous desk. I have been telling her all about the Chalk Paint. Her cabinet has very old wallpaper stuck to all four sides and she asked me if she should remove it. I wasn’t sure what to tell her but I said no, unless it is peeling. I suggested a light sanding, just to knock off the pattern, just a little. Any advice would be so appreciated. So glad I found your Blog 🙂 Thanks so much!!

  7. JaneEllen says:

    You find the darndest things and they’re great, you must have a homing device built in to tell you where things are.
    Has anybody ever told you you look like Tinkerbell? Or a pixie? Or both? You crack me up too. Love humor in posts, makes a day go by so much more pleasant. You’re good at it I notice. Queen of Junk or should I spell it Junque? lol Always enjoy your blog posts, wish I lived where people put things by dumpsters or in them or on side of road. No fun at all here (Grand Junction, CO area). You find the most awesome things.
    When we lived in San Diego, actually Penasquitos area (east of S.D.) our boys were always coming home with toys for their little sister and all kinds of neat things people would leave by/in dumpsters. There were several dumpsters so guess the kids knew where to find them at good times. When people were moving especially they’d leave things. That was many years ago, wonder if they still do that. We’ve lived a few other places/state since then.
    Our kids start on Aug. 4th. here, and they’re not happy about it, it’s hot here now. At least your kids there get those breaks, not here. Happy summer days

    • GTC says:

      JaneEllen, I find so many things just piled up next to Dumpsters. Especially where people are moving more often. You may not be finding good stuff now, but Grand Junction is beautiful! Thank you so much for the sweet comments. My mother used to call me a pixie when I was little. Good luck with kids starting school soon!

  8. Debra says:

    I have to ask you when you go dumpster diving how do you pick the places to go. Do you go to industrial parks where they have various businesses or do you go through apt. complexes? I would like to try it but don’t know where I should go for dumpsters. Can you give me some advise as to where I can go to find dumpsters? I really would appreciate your answer and advice. I have to say I love your finds.
    Best regards
    Happy dumpster finding

    • GTC says:

      Hi Debra, all of those great questions are answered in my three part series “The Complete Guide to Dumpster Diving”. There is a link in this post.

  9. Harley says:

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