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  1. Merry Christmas to y’all, as well! And give the Syracuse guy a hug from me (but not an inappropriate one).

  2. Merry Christmas from one trashy gal to another!

  3. Jude Near says:

    Hi Karen:

    I am a fellow junker/repurposer/lover of all things French. LOVE your blog and your can-do spirit!

    I have a question for you – have you ever PAINTED UPHOLSTERY?

    I have been attempting to redo an upholstered chair I purchased and have a question for you.

    The chair is currently upholstered in a striped low-nap velvet/chenille type of fabric in golds, greens, browns – very 1970s.

    This past Fall I decided to paint the fabric, rather than attempt to reupholster – I purchased latex paint and added textile medium (according to the instructions on the bottle), however, the parts I have painted so far are still very stiff and seem like it would be uncomfortable to sit on. I asked around on fb but all I got were suggestions to reupholster.

    Do you have any insight/suggestions for what I might do. After my initial try, I stopped mid-project and the darling chair is currently sitting in my garage waiting to be finished.

    I really appreciate any help you or your readers can offer.

    :o) Jude

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