Dressers Missing Drawers How To Repurpose Them

Ever come across Dresser MISSING their Drawers?  Did your Dresser drop its drawers?  No need to be a stressor, it can still be a dresser, of sorts……

Check out 5 Dressers I repurposed.  Every one of them was a FREE-to-me Dumpster FIND!

One of my favorites was this French Style Dresser I found next to a Dumpster.  It was too cute to just let it get dumped.  Check out how I knocked out the existing supports and added shelves.  I also did a fun finish of blended paint with my favorite DIY Paint in Apothecary and Sandy Blonde.

I found this dresser on the side of the road.  Truthfully, this dresser may have been more work than it was worth. I think the whole thing was held together with staples.  However, when I was finished with it, this dresser was SOLID!  Those cute wood boxes?  Those came from a Dumpster TOO!  And check out how I did that fun paint finish with DIY Paint in Prom Queen and Pedal  Pusher.

This was such an easy makeover, but I LOVE it still.  And it is USEFUL!  I found this dresser, you guessed it. Next to a DUMPSTER!  The drawers were nowhere in sight.  I dragged it home and put it to work as a workbench in my Garage Made Out Of Junk.  I added planks of reclaimed wood (from a dumpster of course) and did a wash in DIY Paint in Old ’57.  

And for the final DUMPED DRESSER, Another Dumpster find.  Seriously, RIGHT NEXT TO ONE.  Of course, sans drawers.  I applied the same techniques to this one that I did to my other dressers.  I mixed up some DIY Paint blues and added those baskets I had on hand.  

Next time you come across a Dresser Missing Drawers, don’t pass it by, you can Repurpose it.  Remember, Dressers without Drawers are just new shelving units waiting for you to Redoux them!


  1. Hetty

    This is exactly what I am looking for: some ideas what to do with a dresser without drawers! We all have one or two in our garage of workplace…love the workbench actually…

  2. dafabet 300

    I read this article fully regarding the difference of most recent and previous technologies, it’s amazing article.

  3. chris aka monkey

    great ideas for when you have lost your drawers xx

  4. Wendy

    I want to know where all the drawers go to die? (LOVE your redos…its tempting to get rid of drawers just to do a redo, you know!?)

  5. Sheila @ Sheila's Potpourri

    I love how visionaries see the possibilities in what others consider trash. Thank you for improving my vision!

  6. Kristi

    Brilliant! I never would have tried to use a dresser without drawers … now I think I’ll be on the hunt for one!

    • GTC

      Start checking around Dumpsters Kristi! It won’t be long before you will find one. They always seem to just find ME!

  7. Yolanda

    Hello. I have a 6 drawer dresser and atleast 4 of the drawers are no good. Is there a way I can still make this into a usable dresser for my 7 year old son? Any ideas would be appreciated!

    • GTC

      Hi Yolanda, if you look on my main page under projects gallery and tutorials you will see at least three examples of how I turned dresser that were missing drawers into usable storage still. I would say you can definitely still make that dresser useful!

  8. Alice

    Thank you



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