Whatever Wednesday, The Dresser and the Drawers Broke Up

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Whatever Wednesday, The Dresser and The Drawers Broke Up

Have you ever been dumped?  Like the dresser that dumped its drawers?

Do you ever come across things that look like this?

I did, and I often do. Poor Dresser, Drawers dumping them.

Here is how the story goes. Dresser meets drawers.  Dresser and drawers have a shaky relationship.  Relationship ends on a bad note. Eventually, Dresser and Drawers Broke Up.  The Drawers broke up because the dresser had put way too many demands on  the drawers and the relationship becomes unbalanced.  The drawers feel pulled apart.   The drawers want a divorce.  They want out.  The Dresser Dumps the Drawers.  In short, the Dresser and the Drawers Broke Up.  Sad story.  Or is it?

photo courtesy of google images

This is where I come in.  Sometimes, if the relationship isn’t beyond repair, I can repair the Dresser and Drawers. However, most of the time, I have to get the dresser to accept it must face a future as something else, and go on without it’s drawers.  This requires a lot of hard work.

Sometimes it is messy, (I had to knock out the existing drawer supports).  Things the Drawers left behind. 


It requires special tools.  (I used my jigsaw to cut a shelf for the middle shelf, using MDF I had on hand).

Usually, the dresser has it within itself to find the strength to go forward.  (I cut the drawer runners in half and used them on either side of the dresser walls to support the new shelf).  The Dresser can draw strength from the Drawers that broke up with it.

The dresser must make sure the new support is anchored down and sturdy (I screwed it in tight) (this is actually sideways, just turn your head sideways and imagine you are in my driveway).  The dresser might be feeling unsturdy after such a nasty break up.  Make sure you give the dresser plenty of solid support.

Make sure you help your dresser be level-headed. (Make sure the supports are level and even with each other so you don’t have a wonky shelf)

It helps to incorporate things into The Dresser’s s new life that have been tossed around too.  (Like this weird door for little people I pulled out of a construction dumpster once).  Other dumped items can be a tremendous source of strength (and can commiserate with the Dresser and it’s break up).  This door got chopped down, and I secured it at the bottom of the dresser for the bottom shelf.

Just like with women sometimes change their hair style after a break up, the dresser is usually wanting a makeover with color too.  I used three colors on this.  3 parts Sherwin Williams Antique White (using up what is left from my walls), 2 parts DIY Paint in Prom Queen and 1/2 Part Water Lily.   The entire piece was base coated with DIY Paint in Layered Chocolate.  Base coating a piece in Layered Chocolate is a favorite go to of mine to give the illusion that the piece is stained wood. I used DIY Paint Dark Patina for the top.  This is a great way to add another illusion of stained wood and also works amazing to add depth and darkness to a painted piece.  Try it out!

After the Dresser and the Drawers broke up, the dresser was a bit of a basket case.   Now it’s baskets are under control, and numbered.

The Dresser has changed and grown a lot after the Drawers Broke up with it.  The Dresser has a new way of looking at things. The Dresser proudly accepts it’s new life.  The Dresser thanks me then goes and feels secure in it’s new relationship, without drawers!  Now the Dresser is in a solid relationship with shelving and baskets.

If you would like to see more of my Dumped Dresser therapy success projects, click on the links below:

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Lucky for me, there seems to be a great deal of Dresser and Drawers Break Ups.

Whatever Wednesday, The Dresser and The Drawers Broke Up….

The Dresser and The Drawers Broke Up – Are sharing my story of dresser redemption at these sympathetic parties:


  1. Jayne

    The dresser and drawers want a divorce! lol! I love the solutions you’ve come up with for these “break ups” especially the white one with the baskets, beautiful!

  2. debbiedoos

    If I did come across something like that, I would never look again. You have the vision Karen. They turned out gorgeous!

  3. cassie

    you know how to make every piece of junk treasure!

  4. Catherine

    O.M.G. I want that taller, 2nd dresser you found with all the catty-wampus drawers!

  5. Patricia Krank

    Standing in awe of you once again 🙂 Patti@OldThingsNew

  6. Jill Flory

    I love seeing what you do Karen! Great job once again!

  7. Hetty

    Yes, this is hard work, I know! Just remember you are an inspiration to many.

  8. Jamie

    So Cool! I love that look too 😉
    Jamie ~ Better With Age

  9. Stacey

    I love this – it is wonderful and just cute as can be!
    Now I need to find some broken dressers too!
    Thanks for linking – featuring this tonight!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  10. Holly Lefevre

    That is fun – I am on the hunt for a dresser!

  11. martha at MarthaLeoneDesign.com

    Hi Karen,
    I’ve got a beautiful old antique chest of drawers that breaks my heart whenever I look at it. The drawers literally fell apart when I removed them from the dresser. I’ll change it up and send a picture when it’s done. Thanks for the inspiration. A question…. How did you secure the drawer supports to the dresser frame? Did you drive the screws in from the outside side of the dresser?

  12. Dee Williamson

    Gorgeous! You do some amazing work on these dressers. I must need a jigsaw for Christmas as well. 🙂

  13. elaine simmons

    I tell you what Karen. If you ever decide you don’t want to revamp furniture, you could make a living writing! Your blog was hilarious! What an imagination!

  14. Nancy @ Artsy Chicks Rule

    And I LOVE your post…your dresser love story! lol So creative….with writing AND paint! 🙂


  15. DesignedByBH

    I absolutely love this! (And everything I’ve seen of yours, actually!) My husband and I need a dresser because his is too small and several drawers are broken…but maybe I’ll keep it for something else and just make it loose its drawers, too! Thanks for the inspiration, and thanks for linking up to Twirl & Take a Bow!
    Hope to see you again this week!

    ~ Brooke ~

  16. Tricia M

    Great makeover! I picture those baskets full of kids toys and books in a family room.

    I have just the piece to do this with. I picked it up next to a dumpster at the local university. It only had one drawer in it. My husband just shook his head when I brought it home. LOL



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