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A very dear and close family friend of my family passed away today, very unexpectedly.  He had been battling some serious health issues for the last few years, but about 6 months ago, he was able to have a heart surgery that greatly improved his health and quality of life.  He was doing so well […]

Here I am again.  This time during the sale.  Each month, VOWING to myself to not let the mess get out of hand, then the last 72 hours leading up……..all my resolutions go out the window.  I suddenly turn into the painting, glueing, crafting factory, and leave a trail of my work all over my […]

Welcome to an extra special edition of Trashy Tuesday.  Not only do you get to see the windfall of “junque” I picked up last week, I am announcing the winner of the Ugly Chair Comment Contest! Wow!  You readers had so many amazing ideas!  I was floored at the depth of creativity you shared, and […]

Have you seen an ugly kitchen chair in your life?  I thought I had seen them all……until my friend gave me this set.  It was given to her by a sweet neighbor.  The rest of the set, the  table, the hutch, the cabinet, are all quite lovely and will look amazing with some new paint.  […]

Happy Wednesday friends.  I didn’t want to bog down my blog post Monday with all the rest of the things I wanted to share with you about the CeCe Caldwell’s company, so I decided to share in a separate post.  There was a lot of spirited dialogue about CeCe Caldwell’s from Monday’s post.  If you […]

I am taking just a few days this week to break from blogging.  Although many of you are still enjoying Le Summer vacation…. (Our kick off day to summer at Santa Cruz beach) My kids just started their 3rd week!  I had my mother and wonderful stepfather visiting last week, and my inlaws are visiting […]

I am participating in a very fun party that every crafty/DIY blogger will want to get in on!  Pin the tail on the bloggy!  Want to come along? Here is the button to take you there.  Shannon at Foxhollow Cottage and Debbie at Debbiedo’s Blogging and Blabbing are the masterminds behind all this fun.    […]

Happy Monday Friends! I don’t have a beautiful project to show you….it is awaiting photo editing and some cleaning up. But, I do have vacation photos to share with you. Mark and I took a quick trip to San Diego for a sanity break.  Let me state here, if you are married with children, I […]

This is what people ask from time to time when I answer the phone. “This is the Mommy” I reply.   I just haven’t learned how to control my overly cheerful voice that I put on when the phone rings.  Let’s just hope it isn’t two octaves higher than it normally is for this interview. Today, […]

Happy Wednesday, I am heading off for a three hour hike with Mr. Red., aka Travis.  Wish us luck!  Not too hot here yet, I will share the pictures from this gorgeous hike later. Until then, I wanted to share this with you!  Apartment Therapy, you know, that tres cool style and design Ezine???? My […]

I came across this quote, I had pulled out of a magazine somewhere.  Anyhow, last night while I was living vicariously through Next Food Network Star (it’s a toss up which one I would rather be, Next Food Network Star or HGTV Design Star, yeah, I dream big).  I was going through my pile of […]

Aside from coming down with Laryngitis, right in the middle of a sale at Paris Flea Market…..It was a great week. Guess what?  Remember the French Baker and his wife?  They are back, you know the ones who bought this sideboard? You can read about this project HERE They bought both of these pieces for […]