Redouxinteriors Top 10 DIY Projects 2014

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Redouxinteriors Top 10 DIY projects of 2014

redouxinteriors top 10 2014
Happy 2014!  Thank you to everyone who made this year at Redouxinteriors an amazing year of sharing my Dumpster Diving antics, furniture makeovers and DIY projects.  Sometimes I thought I might (DIE) from DIY, but I survived AND lived to tell you about it.

Here are my MOST popular posts, chosen by YOU for 2014.  Hope you enjoy and find something to inspire you for 2015.  We are doing this Letterman style, starting from the bottom of ten to the top.  Enjoy!


Sea Glass Blue Side Table with Shimmering Finish

Transform a dated looking side table into a gorgeous Sea Glass Blue Side Table.  One of my favorite projects.  I did a layer of CeCe Caldwell’s paints in Santa Fe Turqouise, a wash of Maine Harbor Blue and enhanced the table’s finish with 100% natural metallic waxes from CeCe Caldwell’s as well.  Check it out to read more!


Trashy Tuesday, The Dumpster Giveth, The Dumpster Taketh Away

My favorite day of the week, and yours too!  Trashy Tuesday, my mostly weekly Dumpster Diving posts.  (check out my 3 part series The Complete Guide to Dumpster Diving as well). In this post, you won’t BELIEVE what I found!  Some of the coolest junk around. It was like Christmas Day, winning the lottery and finding out you get to go on vacation for a month all at once.  It was THAT exciting.  Take a look to see my haul!


Country Style Secretary gets a complete Makeover

 I picked up this Country Style dresser for a bargain.  Removed some of the gee gaws and trim on it, then got to work with the major makoever.  CeCe Caldwell’s paints in Nantucket Spray and Minnesotta Lady’s Slipper Pink, and new drawer pulls gave this Secretary a whole new lease on life.  Read the post to find the details on how to transform something you may have passed over.  You would be amazed at how much you can change ugly details on furniture.


Master Bathroom Makeover and How To Paint a Subfloor

My biggest DIY project of 2014.  My master bathroom.  This room received a complete makeover from top to bottom, with a ZERO budget.  Yes, you read that right.  NO BUDGET.  Having no money to work with can really force you to think creatively on how to transform a room.  Towel racks made with upcycled and discarded items.  Cabinets got a complete makeover with How to Make Anything Look Like Real Wood and the star of the show….How to pull up your carpet and refinish and Paint a Subfloor.  You don’t need expensive flooring to make your bathroom look like a high end spa.  Just some patience, a little paint and an imagination.  I have a fantastic video included in this post that shows you step by step how I achieved this process.


How to Paint a Pouf

Yep, those are vinyl Storage Ottomans, a “Pouf”.  And they were ugly and dated.  Got something like this hanging around your house?  Don’t toss it, check out how I PAINTED the vinyl to give these Poufs a completely new look with CeCe Caldwell’s Santa Fe Turquoise and their hard wearing no VOC finish – Endurance.  CeCe Caldwell’s paints are not just for wood, they can adhere to just about any surface, and in this case, VINYL!


Trashy Tuesday, How to Develop Your Junk Network

Trashy Tuesday again!  Have you ever wondered HOW I find all this amazing stuff, week after week?  I have developed a fabulous JUNK NETWORK and you can develop one too.  Get your friends and family, co workers, even your children’s Trombone teacher (like I did) in on the game.  Check out how to let people know to text you, call you, IM you etc., whenever they see FREE stuff on the curb, behind a store, or hanging out by a Dumpster.


Black and White Staircase Makeover 

This is the project I wanted to DIY (Die from exhaustion) over.  Who would have ever guessed one stair case could be such a drama filled project.  This post has it all, the hopeful beginning, the first incarnation of painted stairs and the quick death of them, the agony of starting over again and finally the triumph of finishing the project.  And, those treads are painted with CeCe Caldwell’s Beckley Coal, and finished with my favorite NON VOC Endurance.  No chemicals for me, and the treads still look amazing.  If you read this post, and I highly recommend you do…..It will save you from the physical and emotional drainage I experienced while trying to finish this stair case.  In the end, I have a gorgeous new stairs case that didn’t cost me a whole lot and the satisfaction of knowing I did (most of it) all by myself.  Would I do it again if I had to?  Absolutely.  I would just know better the 2nd time around and go straight to the Black and White.


How to Make a Perfect Hand Painted Sign with a Silhouette Cameo, every time.

Have you tried to figure out to use a Silhouette Cameo?  They are ridiculously NOT user friendly.  There are tons of fabulous tutorials on YouTube on how to use one, but I could never find exactly what I was looking for.  In this post, I give you some fantastic tips (some of which were passed on to me from one of my favorite bloggers, Bliss at Bliss Ranch) on how to make your own stencils and create perfect hand painted signs.  I show you how to download and save images and fonts from the internet, then how to actually make your Silhouette cut that shape.  Do yourself a favor and check out this post.  Once you master the Silhouette, you will feel oh so smart, and be able to start creating all kinds of amazing projects.


How to Turn Trashy Novels into a Gorgeous looking Antique Books 

I found a pile of books NOT worth reading next to a Dumpster.  I decided to give them a major makeover with some of my favorite products. CeCe Caldwell’s paints and my favorite 100% natural metallic waxes, also from CeCe Caldwell’s.  Check out my step by step tutorial on how to achieve this look on your old trashy novels.

And finally……NUMBER 1!

How To Turn a Dumpster Found Bookshelf into a Rolling Island

I found a HUGE modern looking (but falling apart and ugly) oversized bookshelf in the trash.  I cut it in half and made one of my all time favorite projects.  A rolling kitchen island.  And if that wasn’t fun enough, I have a video to go with this post that shows you exactly how to do this yourself.  I also used 100% upcycled parts for this project, the wood on top, those wood boxes, and even the back of the cart.  Check out the post to see what I used for the back!  I used CeCe Caldwell’s 100% natural chalk and clay based paints in Thomasville Teal and their 100% Natural Stain + Finish in Kukui.  Yep, you read that right.  CeCe Caldwell’s has a line of 100% natural Stains + a finish. And they are not gel stains, these are true stains that soad into the wood of your choice to create a gorgeous, rich finish.

Hope you enjoyed Redouxinteriors Top 10 Projects of 2014!  Stay tuned for even more Junk Makeovers, DIY Tutorials and How-To Videos for 2015!


  1. Patty

    Thank you so much for the information on the Silhouette Cameo. I bought one with retirement money I received and it is gathering dust. I found their information to be very confusing and the only way I learned anything was to go online for help. I even called their “help” line and the woman was so rude I hung up. I copied your notes and will print them up so I can use my machine. Thank you again.

  2. Rodney

    Very nice post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wished to mention that I’ve
    really enjoyed browsing your weblog posts. After all I will be subscribing in your feed and I hope
    you write again very soon!

  3. chris aka monkey

    i have enjoyed your posts and your wacky-ness this year look forward to 2015 xx happy new year xx

  4. Kirsten

    You do such amazing work! Very inspiring! Plus your posts are enjoyable to read! Happy New Year!

    • GTC

      Sorry for such a late response Kirsten! Happy New Year! Hope you are off to a great start with 2015.

  5. Diana

    I wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog and your sense of humor. Happy New Year, 2015 is just around the corner!


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