Trashy Tuesday How to Get Free Furniture

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Trashy Tuesday How to Get Free Furniture

Welcome to Trashy Tuesday!  Doesn’t everyone love the word FREE.  It depends on what you are getting for Free, sometimes FREE comes with strings, or dirt attached, as in my case…..

I often get asked, “Where is the best place to look for free furniture”?  The first place I would tell you to look is at my 3 Part Dumpster Diving Series.

It isn’t limited to strictly putting your whole self into a Dumpster.  This Series is loaded with junk about the best places to look for free Furniture, when in the month to look, and other junky gems. 


Do you have a Junk Network?  Develop one!  Letting the world know you are open to the Freeness of Free furniture is the way to get Free.  Check out my tips on how to develop your network in THIS post.  

photo courtesy of google images

Do you like to look at my Junk?  Then sign up for my newsletter in my side bar and you can get my junk in your email box when I score new FREE things, complete with details of where and how I found the good Free Stuff.

Today’s Free stuff is sponsored by Curbside Shopping.  Have you tried Curbside Shopping?  It is a free service offered by homeowners and renters alike.  It occurs when said people are either moving, cleaning house, or just lazy and don’t want to take their junk to the Goodwill or the Dump.

My recent score for curbside shopping were these two chairs.  On a recent trip to Berkeley, CA with my college daughter (who is my good luck junk charm), we spotted these in front of someone’s home.

PS I need another FREE project like I need another piece of junk in my garage……If you are the type that likes to make yourself feel better by looking at other people’s messes, then feel FREE to check out my past junk problems HERE and HERE

Warning, side effects of viewing these posts may include overwhelming desires to come pick through my stuff.  Enter at your own risk.

Thanks for stopping by Trashy Tuesday How to Get Free Furniture

PS Sneak Peak at what’s coming up next!  My Mantle Makeover.  FINALLY I redid the behemoth of Faux Orangey Stained Wood and made it look like Reclaimed Wood using CeCe Caldwell’s 100% Natural Paint.  Stay tuned for how to video so you can create this look easily yourself! 


  1. Lori Preece

    Love this post, Karen! XOXOXO You’re mantle is gorg!!

  2. Patty Soriano

    Karen, you’re so silly! Which is why I absolutely adore you ! You have a newsletter? Is that different from the blog here ? If so, I wanna sign up! Let me know.

  3. Kirby Carespodi

    There’s no place like Cali for free stuff, I guess!

  4. Shelly

    Come on, you know we don’t see it as Junk! We see Possibilities!!!!


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