Good Time Charlie

Trashy Tuesday, Dumpster Diving, When You Have Enough

Welcome to the Trashiest Day of the Week! Trashy Tuesday.  If you have been around here before, you know I love a good Dumpster Dive.  It is right up there on my list of favorite things to do, like speeding down a roller coaster.  I love a good mystery novel, and...

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Oh My Word!!!

Do you have  your word?  I used to resist the WORD of the year. I am a talkative person, my mind is constantly going.  Ongoing ideas, thoughts, conversations with myself, God, you name it.  Kind of noisy in there sometimes. My life for the past few years has felt...

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The Master Redoux List of 2014, or TMI Decorating

Happy 2014!  Do you have grand plans for all your DIY projects this year?  Do they include just about every room in your home?  Mine does!  We have lived in our current home for over 10 years.  We (I) have redone some things a few times (umm, like four different...

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Redoux Real Holiday House

The Holiday House Tour, for people who comfortably live in their homes Happy Holidays!  Is your house decked out in holiday cheer?  I have seen the most gorgeous home tours.  You can't swing a piece of dumpster dove furniture parts and not hit a fabulous house tour...

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California, Fish, Nuts and Ice Cream

My sister Julie and my niece visited last week and we didn't waste one second of our time together.  My niece is the same age as my twins.  Three tweens, one teen, and two silly adult women = non stop fun and laughter. The girls We hit the ground running Monday...

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Happy 4th of July! Freedom to be Moi, (or just odd)

Happy 4th of July!!!!!  I am so grateful for my freedom.  I am grateful for my freedom every single day. Today, and the days surrounding our Independence day, I try to take a few moments to think about WHY I am grateful to be free. The list is endless, as I am sure...

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Greetings from Planet DustXO

Greetings earthlings.  I have been living on Planet DustXO for the past few days.  Not really, but it feels like it!  Yesterday, I FINALLY completed the sanding and priming phase of the never-ending Stairs Makeover. Don't even get me started on the upstairs. ...

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A Video Tour of My Junquey Home!

Don't you love Home Tours?  I love to see how beautifully styled, decorated and put together other blogger's homes are.  I have shared little "snippets" of my home, but I thought it would be fun to give you all the "insider's" peek at how we really live.  ...

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White is the New Red

White is the new red!  Or...I finally got things clear in my head.  Not really, but I did get it clear in my head that using white with kids in decorating is actually O.K.! We bought this sectional when we first bought our current home, almost 10 years ago.   The...

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DIY Paint Sold Here!

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